CryptoCompany Ceo Giveaway 100 CCD #203

Hello Hive community, welcome to my CryptoCompany CEO giveaway where I will be giving away 100 CCD to one winner.

What is CryptoCompany Ceo game?

In CryptoCompany CEO you have the ability to run, drive, or fly your avatar through a 3D tropical island open world from a third-person perspective! In this multiplayer game, you'll be able to explore the islands, and the contents on them, either alone or together with other players! You have the option to take part in missions or participate in competitions. The world can be explored freely and doesn't feature facades or empty shells of houses, even though the island world in the game has its limits, of course!

To get more information about the game you can access "Book" of CryptoCompany CEO , there you will have all the information you need about the game.

To participate in the Giveway is very simple, you will only need to leave a comment on this post and I will use a program that will randomly select one of the comments, the person who made the selected comment will receive the 100 CCD in his Hive wallet.

  • Giveaway duration is 24 hours and the result will be released in the next giveaway.

  • Upvotes and Following are not required to participate, but your support is appreciated.

  • I will use the to determine the Winner.

  • Only 1 comment per person.

The giveaway rules are very simple and I hope everyone has fun, I wish all the participants good luck!

I also do a daily Splinterlands giveaway where you can win a rare card if you are the winner, if you are curious and want to participate then I invite you to look at my posts and participate in my Giveaways.

Previous Giveaway Winner


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