Importance of supporting someon you love

Hi everyone,
It's me with a blog here after a long time. I am kahkashan and I send good wishes to everyone reading this blog today.

As you all have read the title already and hopefully came in here to read by blog, let's start and see why it is actually important to support someone we love.


I will take the example of my husband here to explain this but you can think of a person you love. It can be your family or friend or kid or life partner.

So he was painting something and people did not expected him to do so as he left all this long back. He was focused on earning and making our life better.

I asked him why he was doing this painting and sketching and he told me that he use to do this 10 years ago with his best friend at the backbench.


He was just refreshing those memories and while no one was interested and no one really cared about what he was doing, I showed some interest in it.

He was happy, I could see that in his eyes when he was telling me about his teenage. He was happy that someone is ready to listen to the back story.

So, what did you get to know from my example here...?

The thing we can learn is that when we support someone we love they get a smile on their face because of us and what is more good then making the person we love, smile.


If the person is not doing something wrong and there is just a societal pressure that makes it look wrong, you should break it and support your special person.

I learnt this today by feeling it, I kept myself in his position and felt the happiness of someone supporting us and I did not think of a better community to post this blog so I am posting it here.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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