Golem Overlord + Terracore Giveaway #52

Welcome to my Splinterlands and Terracore giveaway. Daily I will draw 20 PART (Golem Overlord token) and 0.03 FLUX (Terracore token), there will be 2 winners per giveaway, one will receive the Splinterlands card and the other will receive the 20 PART.

To participate in the giveaway you need to leave a comment on this post, remembering that I will post 1 giveaway daily so you need to leave the comment before the other giveaway is posted.

To select the winners I will use the tool: https://hivetools.up.railway.app/picker/

Golem Overlord is a game on the HIVE blockchain. This idle game takes place in a dystopian world where your golems must scrape for parts to survive, and players act as golemancers who control these golems.
The game's currency, called PART, has to be burned for nearly everything in the game, including burning it for upgrades, opening nft packs, leveling and much more.

Terracore is a Strategy Idle Game on the HIVE blockchain in development by crypt0gnome & asgarth. Can you build a thriving community and defend it from the dangers of TerraCore?

Winners will be announced and prizes sent out in the next giveaway, good luck to everyone and I wish Golem Overlord and Terracore a great future.

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