We Welcome All of Our New Users to Post Here in the FreeCompliments Community, and Will Support You!

We’ve noticed a growing proportion of new users (those with zero or very few comments and posts on their accounts, recently created) joining the FreeCompliments Community, and would like to address all of you!

FreeCompliments Community Support

We love having new users! We’re happy to support the growth of our new members, and would love to have your make your very first post – and some subsequent posts – right here in the community. Expect to receive a lot of love, and… you guessed it: free compliments!

Not only that – we’ll give you our curation and other rewards for posting here. What are these other rewards?


HSBI is Hive Stake-Based Income. I’ll give a very brief overview of this concept and a link with further information in case you want to dive deeper.

In short, with HSBI, a sponsor (in this case, our community account) sends a certain number of HIVE (the representative token of Hive) to @steembasicincome, with you as the account that we sponsor. This is converted into a value that builds over time, and is eventually turned into a vote on your post. The more time passes between receiving the HSBI “unit” and creating a post, the bigger the value, and thus the bigger the vote.

Every time that you make a post on the FreeCompliments Community, you’ll receive a certain amount of HSBI Units. If you build up enough units, you’ll get bigger votes on your posts faster! And here’s the great part: this value builds forever, so you’ll permanently get rewards on your posts as long as you keep posting on Hive.

Here is a deeper dive into how HSBI works. Here is the way that originally planned to use HSBI in this community. And here is a rough idea of how we’re distributing HSBI rewards now:

2nd Layer Tokens

This concept is a little bit trickier. There is, in fact, an entire “underworld” of other tokens which are circulating in an exchange which is built on the Hive blockchain. The existence of this exchange depends on the existence of the Hive blockchain. One example of a 2nd layer token, with which you may be familiar, is LEO, the native token of the LeoFinance / InLeo community.

These tokens can function independently of Hive, or work in tandem with Hive. Most of these tokens can be traded for Hive, and vice versa. Staking some of these tokens can produce rewards. Some of these tokens have other uses which are being developed. You’ll discover more of these over time.

Our curation account has some of these tokens staked, and when it votes on your content, you’ll not only receive Hive rewards, but also a small portion of those 2nd layer tokens. Thus, you’re receiving more than just Hive!

We Welcome All Types of Posts and Posters!

  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Poets
  • Developers
  • Athletes
  • Philosophers
  • Happy People
  • Sad People
  • Confused People
  • Rebels
  • Conformists

The list can go on and on… you’re all welcome here! We encourage a variety of different content and points of view. It makes the community and our experiences more interesting and fun, and gives us an opportunity to appreciate each other more as humans.

Just don’t spam, plagiarize, or post illegal content, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


Whoever you are, feel free to post here! We’ll welcome you with open arms.

How can we encourage more of our new users to join and post here? Do you have any tips for our new members to help them enjoy their time on Hive even more?

I would love to hear any and all opinions about these topics from everyone who is currently a member of FreeCompliments, since you’re all inaugural members! Anyone else who finds this page is also very welcome to voice their opinion. We’re all about free speech, and everyone’s experience has value.

More posts with further ideas incoming soon!

Disclaimer: FreeCompliments will be a beneficiary for this post, and I will attempt to boost it via Ecency points as well.
Follow our curation trail and earn 1 HSBI per month!

Here’s a permanent invite link to the FreeCompliments Discord!

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