Introducing the Monthly Engagement & Promotion Contests on the FreeCompliments Community!

We’re introducing two new contests to help increase engagement and onboarding to the FreeCompliments community! Each contest will award 5 HSBI, 1000 Ecency points, and 5 DVS to the winner. Thank you to @wongi and @goodysam for sharing these ideas – you will permanently be beneficiaries every time this pair of contests is run.

Monthly Engagement Contest

This contest will examine the total quantity and quality of posts, comments, and threads contributed by a member over the course of a given month. In order to do this, we will look at our accounting of each of these pieces of engagement and tally up the total, take into account the amount of words that are present in an average piece of engagement (approximately), and finally consider the quality of this engagement. The individual with the highest total will win the engagement contest. While there is some subjective aspect to this, for the most part we should be able to delineate who provided the most engagement.

Comments that solely consist of calls to curate 2nd layer tokens will be discounted from the tally (I’m mentioning this because we’ve had an increasing number of these lately, and they don’t engage the content itself).

Monthly Promotion Contest

This contest is more direct and purely objective: whichever user brings in the most new members into the community will win the contest. We must be able to determine that the people were brought in by you, so if this is the case, then please ask the person whom you referred to let me know about it by tagging me.

In case of a tie, we would split the prize evenly.

As we already have a community ambassador / promotional compliment writer, he would not qualify for this contest.


These are two new contests intended to increase quality engagement and spread the word about the FreeCompliments Community.

What do you think of these contests and associated rewards? Are there are any other contests you would recommend?

I would love to hear any and all opinions about these topics from everyone who is currently a member of FreeCompliments, since you’re all inaugural members! Anyone else who finds this page is also very welcome to voice their opinion. We’re all about free speech, and everyone’s experience has value.

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(If you were tagged, it’s because you’re an inaugural member – please let me know if you don’t want to be tagged and I’ll stop, pronto!)

More posts with further ideas incoming soon!

Disclaimer: FreeCompliments will be a beneficiary for this post, and I will attempt to boost it via Ecency points as well.

Here’s a permanent invite link to the FreeCompliments Discord!

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