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Welcome to my #saturdaysavers and #myhivegoals post. Actually I want to ad #aliveonfriday too but I prefer to make that a bit intrinsic, not explicitly exposed.

Anyway before we start any further, in my previous #saturdaysavers post which you can read here @dewabrata/my-hive-goals-saturdays-savers-club-026-6january-lets-go-guys

I have said these:

There is something I want to share about #Alive Project, which is the . The first time I read about ALIVE CHAT, I really thought its a chat... so I open PEAKD chat box, it's not there... I check ALIVE discord, there is no one live chatting there. Later I realize that Alive Chat is all on account.

What are they anyway? Ok I will make this simple by giving some quick outlines here

  1. is a community account which promote engagement in community by asking people (token holder) to communicate each other through posts or comments.
  2. Part of them is Themed Day posts, well similar with #FreeCompliment community have, a themed post different for each day of the week. The difference with #freecompliments are in the topics and allow you to do that on their comments because engagement is what they seek... so those are not have to be a full post.
  3. Sometime it is not only post or comment, but there is a to do list you need to do, for example on Thursday they have Larry is alive.
  4. You do not have to follow all of those events, just pick any that you think suit your style. There are rewards for participants who manage to finish those tasks, which mostly are $ALIVE delegation or HP delegation.

So by engaging yourself with the #ALIVE community, you will have opportunity to get know other Hivians and they are helping you to grow well too in HIVE blockchain. I would say that #ALIVE is one of the community who cares a lot on smaller people.

Ok that's for the third #ALIVE point, I cut it here so we still have majority of this post talking about savings.


My primary goal is to grow my Hive Power as good as possible. A goal must have a target so I have decided that my primary goal is to reach 11.500 Hive Power (HP).

My goal is to have 11.500 HP this year, not an easy one but ofcourse it is very possible. Let's start this one by checking my HP Growth recap right now:

This week I have got 73 HP growth, that's below from my 110 HP growth target. 110HP per week is what I need to hit that 11.500 HP by the end of this year.

Well I should not complain about this one, because I do not make many posts recently. And for the growth, I have to thank @livinguktaiwan because her Chocolate Truffle Contest has given me a 29 HP... I was very surprised because I thought it was a HP delegation raffle, not a real HP rewards. I am very grateful for this and in return I pray and wish that the Chocolate Truffle seller will receive a revelation and realize that they should sell those truffle in even number.

Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan for this support, I hope oneday if I manage to be big in HIVE, I could follow your example in caring the other HIVIANS.

Ok back to the HP. This is not a great start however I think it's ok lah, because overall I believe I still grow faster than most of the Hivians out there. It's not about being lucky, it's purely about hard working and put more effort in learning.

Because earlier I talked about #ALIVE and helping smaller ones, so If some say there are many great author out there who are not lucky and grow slower than me, name them below in comment... If there is someone who is struggling can't not figure out how to grow in decent way, just drop a comment below... I believe everyone from #saturdaysavers #myhivegoals and #AliveonFriday are very willingly to help on this issue.


I just made a 3 $HBD saving a few moments ago, not a great one but it's great to keep on doing a good habit. Right now the total $HBD saving I have got is 193 HBD.

I wonder what happen next week, I might take all because there are so many presale out there... Of course hopefully I won't do that


My secondary saving targets are HIVE second layer tokens, and at this moment I have set the priority target is $ALIVE token and my goal this year is to get 6.000 Alive Power (AP). AP stands the same as HP, which means the staked $ALIVE.

$ALIVE & #AliveOnFriday

This is my $ALIVE screenshot from my wallet.

DatePrevious APCurrent APTargetNotes
6 January 20233313716.000+40
13 January 20233714056.000+34

The growth is a bit slower this week, however I think everything should be ok next week. I haven't push $ALIVE seriously because I am still in adaptation with the token and their community. Hopefully in February I will have the expected growth rate on AP.


Beside $ALIVE, I am saving these tokens too

TokensStatusLast PeriodTodayTargetnotes

Everything seems to grow with same rate as the previous week. I have some savings in Liquidity Pools (LP) which most of them are pairing of $PIMP. So there is a good reason why I do not aim high STAKE $PIMP, because majority of them will go to LP.


Saturday Savers Club is for anyone who wants to save in any currency for any purpose. The Club is a supportive group of people who meet up around the weekly post, usually on a Saturday but occasionally on a Sunday, to share tips and techniques and have some fun in the process.

For further information and if you want to join into this club, you can do your own research on @eddie-earner. We are waiting for any of you out there to make this club bigger and more exciting.

See you next Saturday...

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