Sometimes, Simple Is Best on Hive

This is not a review of coffee. This article has little to do with coffee, but the coffee is a good physical representation of KISS, AKA "keep it simple, stupid."

The term "keep it simple, stupid" was a phrase coined by Clarence "Kelly" Johnson from Lockheed Martin. The idea was that jet designs needed to be simplified so your typical mechanic could diagnose problems and make repairs. This didn't mean dumbing things down, but actively looking for ways to reduce complexity in designs and innovations. (Source)

This coffee is an example of this.

This is a white chocolate moca. That's it. There are no additional flavors, no fancy decorations, no whipped cream, or sprinkles. There are all natural, wholesome ingredients in it. What you get is a smooth, creamy, not-too-sweet coffee to delight your taste buds, wake you up, and act as a nice treat for the day. I can sip it, and I know it's not going to give me a massive sugar high that will make me crash and feel sluggish later.

Applying KISS to Hive
How do we apply this to Hive to encourage new users to stay? Hive has more of a learning curve to it than Reddit, Facebook, X, and other Web2 social platforms. The differences between Hive and those others are what makes this place so unique and attractive, but what if we skipped talking about that as our key talking points and did something different?

Community Before Understanding
For those who are new to Hive, they can clearly see there are rewards for posting good content. Instead of focusing on that, what if we first focused on welcoming them, getting to know them, and getting them "plugged in" to a community or communities that align with their passions? I came to Hive because of the idea of rewards, but I continue to stay because of the community. It wasn't until this last month or two that I started exploring the intricacies of Hive and the multitude of tools available.

Overcoming Frustration
I'm occasionally frustrated by the lack of tools available and how challenging it can be to find answers. This is coming from someone with a college degree whose International Marketing final project was to market HP netbooks in Argentina, and I got an A on it. I had details laid out even down to the color schemes Argentinians favored and felt were culturally significant to them. So I'm no stranger to research, and the hard work and long hours that go into it, and to say I was frustrated by the lack of answers, should tell you something.

This is not a sleight in any way. I mention it because the communities I'm plugged into helped me. In my frustration, I turned to the community of awesome people and experts I knew: #silvergoldstackers and #thealliance. Both helped me immensely, and I am forever grateful and always looking for an opportunity to do the same for others. Just imagine someone in my position not having those relationships, and you can see why some throw in the towel.

KISS, Community and The Crypto Bull Market
Community and relationships in Hive are far more valuable than silver and gold. Coming from someone who stacks silver and gold, that should say something.

Everyone I've come across has been very welcoming. Can we do better? Probably, but I think we do well already. I've seen a lot of posts talking about the "crypto bull market." As more people join Hive, I think we need to suspend our initial suspicion that someone new is just here to milk rewards and leave when it's over. We'll judge these people by their actions and behavior before reaching a decision and extend a helping, welcoming hand in the meantime. That's how we can seize on the influx of new users on Hive and encourage people to stick around for years to come and make Hive even better. We've got our work cut out for us, but it'll be fun. If it weren't, a lot of us wouldn't still be here.

Lastly, if you're reading this and you're new, then welcome! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I work with the Hive Onboarding Committee, and our passion is to help new users establish themselves here. Stick around and get to know us. We're glad you're here!

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