Reblog Contest Status Update / Reblog lottery

It's been two weeks since I last did a status update on my reblog lottery. There were a few goals I had for this, and I thought it best to document the progress so far, as a way to measure its overall success, since I'm running it through the end of December.

The Prize
The prize is either a $1 Goldback or 6 HBD. The winner gets to choose. This way, the prize appeals to a broader range of people who may not want a Goldback, but can certainly use the HBD to save, convert to Hive, etc.

Not sure what a goldback is? Click here to find out more about them.

The Rules
I kept the rules simple.

You have to follow me for any reblogs to count. In theory, this should encourage continued readership.

You get one entry per reblog, so long as it has "Reblog lottery" in the title and isn’t 7 days or older. In theory, this helps get my content out to others while it's still new. This makes sure those who comment also get their share of the rewards and we all benefit.

And lastly, no bots.

How It Started
I had 19 followers before starting this adventure. Not bad considering I just started posting about three weeks ago. In my last update, I was at 45 followers. As of this post I'm now at 65 followers.

I know it may not seem like much, but I'd say that's awesome considering I started this reblog lottery about 21 days ago. The rate at which I've been gaining new followers is still tapering off, but I'd consider adding an average of 10 new followers per week a success.

Once this contest is over, my plan is to switch over to a weekly contest where people just need to reblog the post in order to have a chance to win some HSBI units.

Thanks for checking in with me on this fun little experiment. I'll probably do another check-in here in a couple of weeks, to allow more time to collect more data. Don't forget to follow me and reblog this. 😉

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