The #DailyFlame + HSBI GiveAway - 6 Feb 2024

The Daily Flame

The #DailyFlame post acts as some proof that I braaied (aka BBQ for our international friends) today.

For those of you that don't know me, that is sort of my thing... Yes... I "braai" every single day... check out my website for more about that:

... but then almost more importantly, this post will also act as a bit of encouragement for you to do the same, and share the results of you doing so in the comments below.

For those of you that go to the effort of sharing a braai/BBQ picture in the comments, I'll be picking a random winner to win 1 x HSBI share.

First day back in GP & joined the neighbours for a lekker little chill braai.

Used to pick the previous #DailyFlame winner(s):
I promised 2 x winners in the last post... and they are @sgbonus & @stekene ... congrats... your HSBI shares are on their way.

The Ts & Cs

To win the HSBI share

None... you literally just need to comment with a braai/BBQ picture on this post.

To win other prizes

Well... we'll see ;-) ... I'm working on a real-world sponsor here in South Africa, and we'll probably add some Ts & Cs to win those prizes.
... or if you have any ideas/suggestions how I could additionally reward our international friends as well... please feel free to let me know in the comments below as well.

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P.S. The South African community here on HIVE is, for now 😜, still very small.
... Fortunately I already have a bit of a following on Web 2.0... so please follow me there (links at the end of this post)... and if you have any, please tag your South African friends in those posts... I'm gonna be making a concerted effort this year to get a lot of (braai/BBQ enthusiasts from South African at the very least) into HIVE... but obviously it would be a lot easier with some help from the community.

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Don't have a HIVE account?

?!?! HBD / HIVE / CRYPTO ?!? No idea what I'm talking about?

If you're reading this because of a tweet / FB post of mine, and you're new to HIVE, drop me a DM on any of those platforms and I'll gladly set you up with a free account, delegate some HP to get you started and guide you through some of the HIVE basics. I'll probably even throw in some of my $BRAAIB tokens (a Hive-Engine token that will find utility in my real world Bistros in 2024 🥳🥳🥳).

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P.S. Keep an eye on my website

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