Purchased Games Witcher 3, Star Wars, Need for speed Unbound on Steam Sale

Hi Everyone, there has been a Steam Sale running currently and many top AA games are in sale. If you go for older games, then they are dirt cheap and games launched before 10 years are still great to play and enjoyable. Especially if you can't afford the games before, but want to play, so now is the right time to buy them and fulfill your wish as a child to play.

Multiple game titles like Need for Speed, Witcher, Star Wars, and Assassin's Creed are on sale now. So don't miss the chance, as the sale will be over in a few hours.

So, back to my update. I purchased three games, actually two games and one bundle. So let's see what games I bought from the sale.

Need for Speed Unbound

Here comes a new game from the popular franchise Need for Speed, launched at the end of 2022, so we can say one-year-old game, that you can enjoy now.
With new cars, locations, cops and open-world multiplayer racing, this is a choice if you want to play as a racer. I bought it for 349 INR or 4.2 USD.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

From the most popular movies and gaming franchises, we have Jedi Fallen Order, launched around the end of 2019. I have tried older games than this, which I got for free from my Amazon Prime subscription, but the controls were bad. I hope this game will be fun and with optimised controls. I bought it for 219 INR or 2.36 USD, which is a nice price as I can enjoy a lot while playing this game. Being a fan of Star Wars, I would say no one will deny the fact that they are fans too.

Witcher 3 Complete Bundle

The white wolf aka the Witcher, the monster hunter has got a lot of hype, even a web series on Netflix. I was trying to purchase Witcher 3, but then I saw another deal, where I got the complete bundle, including Witcher 1 and 2 as well from Steam. This is a nice deal I got for 312 INR or 3.75 USD. I can play as well as upload on my YouTube channel Tekraze Gaming.

So, for 10 USD spent, I got 5 games in total thanks to Steam Deals. Also, one thing to note here is that even the Epic Game Store has a sale running until 28 March, but Steam has lower prices offered comparatively.

That is all for now, will share more blogs later. Keep reading and reblogging my posts.



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