AC Origins Gameplay Part 29 Playing with Fire, Recon Work and Side missions

Summary of gameplay

The first one was the Recon work mission where we needed to find an enemy camp and free the prisoners from there. We reached the location and killed enemies with stealth and looted treasure as well. We then freed the prisoners and escorted them to safety. Then getting back to Reda to get a reward.

Another mission was playing with fire, where we had to go to an enemy castle and find a person who was locked and also kill the captain and sub-captain as well.

So, we did the same stealth and killed guards one by one and then we found the prisoners locked in cages. We freed them as well as other prisoners and then went back to kill the main captain having some ingredients for Bombs, so we killed him and stole the documents with the info on ingredients.
We also destroyed the jars that were already prepared and then we got away to clear the mission.

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About Game

The game is a continuing series of Assassins Creed, but this time set in ancient Egypt with the main character Bayek, who led to the origin of the Assassins Community or group you say, and the one who started it all.
The gameplay is different from the previous games and has RPG-style gaming. Here your skills don't matter much as your gear, and you need to keep upgrading if you want to continue here.

The map is also large because of the RPG-style game and there are pyramids you can explore. The high-up mountains and Animal hunting to upgrade and craft gear.

This requires a lot of skill and effort, but have a beautiful storyline that you will enjoy.

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