An Apple Tree of Friendship and Memory / 友情と思い出のりんごの木

At the beginning of the autumn break, I visited the home of a friend's family in the suburbs with my daughter. Their house, which the husband built with neighbors during the former East Germany era, has a lovely well maintained garden.

Germany is currently in apple season, and our kids enjoyed picking and playing with the apples. While watching them climb the trees, I told my friends that my mother, who passed away last spring, loved apples and I hoped to plant an apple tree in her memory if I ever had a garden in the future.

I think it was the day after the visit, my friend sent me a message asking, "Would you like to plant an apple tree at our place?" They even offered to make a nameplate for the tree. I was so touched by their kind offer that I almost cried and readily agreed.

Yesterday, they visited me at a local market where I serve food. We talked about the type of apples my mother loved, such as ones that taste nicely sourly sweet when cooked, like Japanese Kogyoku or Granny Smith.

I'm simply moved by the kindness of my friend's family. Wonderful things happen in our life. I believe my mother would be delighted too.

I hope to choose an apple tree soon and plant it together, and someday bake a delicious apple pie and eat it with my friends family.

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