Splinterlands Armorsmith in my first WPAP Artwork

splinter armor smith.jpg

Hello guys, hope all of you are doing good. Please see the final result of my work at the end of this article. I hope my work can bring joy to many people.

I'm not very good at drawing using the software. But where there is a will, there must be a way to get to the desired result. After making 2 pieces of a digital image, I tried to keep making more. There is so much I need to improve in my previous work. My weakness while learning to draw using CorelDraw is to create a light effect on the character. I still need practice on color grading. It can be seen in my previous post on this link and this link (please upvote if you like the picture).

Basic Idea

For this work, I then tried to find out what techniques I could use. Then I found the WPAP technique. Wedha's Pop Art Portraits or 'WPAP' for short. Popularized in the late 1990s by Indonesian artist Wedha Abdul Rasyid. Maybe this can't be called WPAP art, because I'm still learning. But I'm trying to use the WPAP method where I redraw the armorsmith character in the Splinterlands game.

I just wanted to make an image of the armorsmith holding his big hammer with only one hand. It might look cool.

Source from splinterlands.com

How it was made


First, I just sketched the shape of the armorsmith. I use the help of pictures of poses and body shapes in such a position.


Then I started making squares on the armorsmith's face. I use the "pen tool" to create a box, then I use the "smart fill tool" feature in CorelDraw for coloring in it.


Making the colored squares and matching them to the color gradations adjacent to them is the most challenging aspect of drawing this. But because this is a learning process, I just try it according to what I see is good.
Several times, I changed the color of each box. Then when I'm done with the face, I work on the hair.


I used a single color for clothes and accessories for the hammer. There were not too many colored squares that I made on that part.


The process of creating the background section also uses guidelines. I haven't figured out how to draw a good background yet. Specifically, in black. Maybe later I will try again in my next picture.


The process can also be viewed in the form of a GIF file.

gif armor smith.gif

The final result

This is after re-coloring in some parts. I hope you enjoy it.

splinter life 3.jpg


All discussions are welcome below. I am hoping can make best art in future. Please share your ideas and criticisms below.

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