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Cao Bang Travel Experience in 2 Days

Cao Bang - the first land of the country is favored by nature with extremely interesting beauty with majestic mountains and forests. Not only that, Cao Bang tourism is also attracting tourists by historical landmarks. That is what makes Cao Bang always a land chosen by many people to make their tours. However, if you are traveling to Cao Bang for the first time, you may be confused by the cultural diversity and the choice of attractions for yourself. To make your tour perfect, please refer to Cao Bang travel experience with all the information below.

    In Cao Bang, each season has its own beauty. If you have never been here, no matter what season you travel, Cao Bang will bring you new and very special feelings.
    However, according to the Cao Bang tourism experience of the forerunners, Cao Bang attracts the most visitors at two times of the year. For those who want to watch Ban Gioc waterfall pour long and beautiful blue water, they will choose the time from August to September every year. November-December is when Cao Bang is also overwhelmed with buckwheat flowers and yellow wild sunflowers on the roads.
    The hot summer sun can make your tour somewhat tiring. However, traveling to Cao Bang in the summer is not without its own interesting. You can hide from the sun in the vast mountains and forests, sit in the wind and watch the stream ring and fish jump. More specifically, summer is also the season of ripe plums throughout the mountains and forests of Cao Bang. You will freely enjoy wild plums and summer fruits in this border region.

To travel to Cao Bang from Hanoi, there are only two means, which are cars and motorbikes. If traveling to Cao Bang by bus, you just need to go to My Dinh bus station to catch a high-quality bus. The bus usually leaves the station in the evening, the fare is about 180,000 VND/person. You should contact the bus operator in advance to book tickets in advance, helping to be more proactive for your tour.
If you choose to travel Cao Bang by motorbike, you can choose the highway from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan and then go to Highway 3 to enter the center of Cao Bang. This is a pretty nice road. However, if you don't have a seasoned backpacker with you, you should not risk choosing to travel to Cao Bang by motorbike because this road passes through quite dangerous passes and many large trucks.

Coming to Cao Bang, you can choose to take a bus or rent a motorbike to explore this majestic mountainous land. For motorbikes, you can contact to rent them right at your hotel. And according to Cao Bang travel experience, motorbike is the best means for you to roam all places in Cao Bang.

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