Telegram HIVE Notifier

Telegram Hive Notifier Bot

This robot was finished a few days ago and after some tests I present it to all of you.

The idea of ​​this Bot was born a few months ago when a good friend's account was hacked, what they did with the account was:

They Sell ​​the HIVE in HBD in the internal market, once they did, they transferred it to another account and scheduled a withdrawal of the HBD that she had in Saving, "Fortunately it takes 3 days to withdraw it" but she managed to avoid losing more, they did all this at dawn and she was surprised when she got up in the morning.

My first question was why nobody notified the First action and so she could have stopped the other actions, the answer is clear, the interfaces that currently exist only notify certain actions,

This Bot is not intended to be the same as FRYDAY @deathwing but I have no problem that I can reach it in the Near Future.

For now the Bot has certain limitations to avoid abuse, you can monitor up to 4 accounts, once the proposal is approved we will expand the capacity.

And I have only enabled notifications that represent a change in the Wallet, focusing the BOT for now only on account security.

How does it work ?

In order to make notifications, the bot checks each block one by one and this must be done every 3 seconds during the 24 hours.
Obviously a server is needed for this, and we use a server located in Canada, the project is financially supported by me.

I have created a DHF proposal to help pay for the development and the servers and thus help to complete the functionality of this BOT, if the proposal reaches the necessary votes I will be able to have several servers in different locations, if the proposal fails anyway I will continue to provide the service but it will take me longer to complete the functionality of the BOT.

Simple Instructions

Register Account

Stop Monitoring

Please Vote for this Proposal and let's make this a Reality!
Thanks for all your support, I leave you below the Links for you to Support this project. (Look for the proposal and click the arrow on the right)

To use this BOT, Go to TELEGRAM

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