Witness Update Log #12: Upcoming changes to techcoderx.com API node

witness update 12.png

This is my 12th weekly witness update log since I made my initial witness announcement post.

Changes to techcoderx.com API node

As the Steem blockchain grows, the system requirements for running Steem nodes will only increase over time. Right now, techcoderx.com RPC API consists of an instance of steemd with all plugins enabled, hivemind and jussi.

Just under 4 months since its inception and 1,700 hours of recorded uptime, my 2x500GB RAID 0 SSDs that runs this API is starting to get full. As of writing this post, the RAID 0 partition is only sitting at 12GB free space.

Due to the current state of Steem governance and the crypto market conditions, I do not have the sufficient budget to relocate my Hivemind instance to another server to free up space. According to witness earning reports by @quochuy, a Steem full RPC node with communities support will breakeven at around rank 50, which is not doable in the short term (and with the community vs sock puppet witnesses vote war). Unfortunately, going forward I will have to stop serving Hivemind API calls to allow room for steemd RocksDB database to grow over time.

Effective tomorrow (16 March 2020), all Hivemind API calls to techcoderx.com Jussi endpoint will be redirected to the nearest RPC node that serves these API calls (most likely api.steem.house as the nearest). After this date, techcoderx.com will continue to serve non-hive related API calls, such as account history or account data.

If you are a user of an application that utilizes techcoderx.com API, you do not need to do anything. If you are a developer of a Steem DApp that uses techcoderx.com API, all calls should continue to work as usual, but just be aware that my node no longer serves Hivemind related data and instead will be redirected to the nearest Hivemind node by Jussi.

Project updates

@onelovedtube IPFS uploader v0.9.3 will be live within this week, which enables resumable video uploads. More updates to the OneLoveIPFS service to follow.

Witness news

News of the week: dev365 votes in 21st v0.22.5 witness into the top 20 🚨🚨🚨🚨

Proof of transaction

Looks like the Steem governance war is not ending anytime soon as another witness running v0.22.5 has been voted into the top 20 by dev365, a Steemit Inc (aka TRON) account. Seems like they manage to pull off a bribe. 🤔

Witness performance

Let's see how well my witness performed this week :)

Current rank: 129th (active rank 108th)
Votes: 2,162 MVests
Voter count: 58

Producer rewards (7 days): 6.14 SP
Producer rewards (30 days): 34.38 SP
Missed blocks: None!

Running version: v0.22.1

Since the Steem Hostile Takeover, block rewards for low ranked backup witnesses have plummeted significantly as the witness votes are very concentrated at the top 50s, and the TRON witnesses are eating up a large portion of the witness reward pool. We need those fake witnesses to be removed off the ranking ASAP.

Unsurprising to see voter count to go down, but it's interesting that my votes (in MVests) have increased 🙃

Server resource statistics

This section will be present in every witness update logs (if any of my nodes are online) to provide new witnesses up-to-date information about the system requirements for running a Steem node.


block_log file size: 257 GB
blockchain folder size: 612 GB
Account history RocksDB size: 242 GB
RAM usage: 10 GB (unfortunately top does not show partial GB usage beyond 10GB 🙁)


Output of SELECT pg_size_pretty( pg_database_size('hive') );
Database size: 214 GB

Postgresql + Hivemind RAM usage: 14 GB

This will be the last report where Hivemind resource usage will be reported unless I have another instance running in the future :(


Screenshot 20200315 at 9.59.11 PM.pngScreenshot 20200315 at 9.58.41 PM.png
RAM: 1.14GB
CPU: ~0.5-7%

Server weekly network utilization

graphweekly_bandwidth318020 1.png

Pulled straight from server provider, best viewed on light mode

techcoderx.com API downtime

None this week! You may check out the status for the last 7 days here.


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