Hive Account Recovery GUI


If we lose our account to hacking or phishing, we will need to recover our account to get access back. Account recovery has become one of the hot topics as soon as we have moved to Hive because many of our accounts' recovery account is set to @steem. If we have changed our account's recovery account to one of our alt-accounts or any other trusted account, we need a tool and know-how should the need arise.

Let me introduce you to [Hive Account Recovery GUI] (;


Recover Account

Account recovery will be a 3 steps process.

Step 1

We are going to generate a new password for our account. This password will be our master password after we complete the recovery process.

Let's head over to this page and fill out the first form.

Account To Recover is our username. We are going to use the auto-generated password (you can regenerate too). SAVE AND BACKUP THIS PASSWORD. Now let's click the Get Owner Key button to get our new public owner key.


Step 2

Now we are going to send the public owner we collected in Step 1 to our Trustee account. DO NOT SEND THE PASSWORD.

If you are a trustee account, you'll verify is if the "victim" is the person they are claimed to be. Then you will visit this page and fill out the form.


Account To Recover is the "victim" account, New Public Owner Key is the public owner key you have received, Trustee Account is your account name. You may leave your private active key field black to use Hive Keychain and click Submit Recovery Request.


Recovery request will show up like this on block explorer.

Step 3

After the trustee account requests your account recovery, you'll come back to this page and use the bottom form to complete the account recovery process. You'll get 24 hours from the time your Trustee has requested to recover your account.


Account To Recover is your account, New Password is the password you have generated and saved in Step 1, Recent Password is your old password, then click Recovery Account button.

If everything checks out, your account will be recovered and you may immediately log in to your account using your new password.


Change Account Recovery

The recovery account (trustee account) can request recovery for your account. An account can change their recovery account at any time with a 30-day delay. That can be handy if one's current recovery account is not active anymore or got hacked.

Visit change account recovery page and submit the form. Account To Recover is your username, New Recovery Account is the trustee account's username, and Master Password is the password of your account.


In my case, I am changing the recovery account to myself. It will show up like this on the block explorer.


Witness @arcange has launched a trustee service, you may look at that as well. @arcange/introducing-hive-account-recovery

I am running a Hive Witness as @BDCommunity.

Please vote for @BDCommunity as a witness.

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