[Released] 💖 HeartFlowers 🌻 | New Hive Game | Enjoy growing a beautiful flower a day | Read an unique quote per flower | Be rewarded with Hive

Heart Flower Seed

Hello, Everyone.

I hope you're all doing well.
Two months ago, work in progress post was shared about this game ( @mirafun/wip-a-refreshing-hive-game ) In this time HiveReblogger app was created, and I checked existing games on Hive. The release was a bit delayed, but that changes today!
Let me introduce you to:

💖 Heart Flowers 🌻

A decentralized game and a place where you 🌟 grow heart flowers daily 🎀.

Some of you may know that I have mentioned in the previous WIP post that the game features the following aspects:

  • Enjoy growing a beautiful flower a day
  • Read an unique quote per flower
  • Rewards in Hive

Heart Flower

I have described the first two in the previous post, thus in this one I'll focus on the last point.

The reward system currently works as follows:

  • each day a heart seed is released in the form of a post
  • flower can be grown by watering the seed on https://flora.mirafungames.com or by using a full vote on a heart seed post posted by @heartflowers.app in created/hive-1111111
  • 65% of author's reward is set aside for daily reward pool
  • 7 daily, 1 weekly rewards are picked by open sourced algorithm by chain itself, thus ensuring transparency ( https://github.com/remirafun/heartflowers )
  • half of the rewards are picked based on value of vote and other half is picked randomly: the reason is to let people who contribute to the reward pool to be rewarded more and for others to have a good change of being rewarded too
  • for each day the rewards are distributed by beneficiary system and are rolled by including the participants who grew a flower two days ago when a new heart seed post is released with the exception of first two posts: the first post reward participants were selected from this post @mirafun/wip-a-refreshing-hive-game


As you can see, Heart Flowers is a small mini game for now with a focus on giving rather than getting. The idea of sustainable giving is indeed interesting and I think quite overlooked by current Hive games. If Heart Flowers were to turn into a fully featured game, I believe I would attempt to incorporate this concept along with cooperation into the game to make quite a unique gameplay.

🌻 Thank you for reading

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