Hive Reblogger - reblogging automation service

What is Hive Reblogger? is created to help users automate reblogging of posts.

What posts can be reblogged?

  1. You can reblog posts voted by specified authors.
  2. You can reblog new posts from authors, communities or tags.
  3. You can reblog posts based on title keywords or title and body keywords or combine additional filters.
  4. In order not to reblog too many posts, you can specify a daily limit per reblog task.

A screenshot from task creation interface:

Is Hive Reblogger sufficiently secure?

Yes. Hive Reblogger website or server does not have any access to your keys. Login mechanism is implemented with the use of Hiversigner. You are logged in by using your posting key with Hivesigner which creates an access token used for the login mechanism.

However, in order to allow @hivereblogger to reblog tasks, it is necessary to add @hivereblogger as posting authority. You can complete this step with Hivesigner and an active key. Alternatively, you can use any app of your choice which lets you grant posting authority. You can also revoke this operation at any time if you choose.

Thus, Hive Reblogger does not have access to your keys and the security of your keys is handled by Hivesigner.

Use cases of Hive Reblogger

Not so obvious use case: post counting

  • reblog posts by selected authors
  • reblog posts by voted by selected authors
  • add a task with a limit of zero daily reblogs to count posts
  • ...

Hive Reblogger is open source

The github repository, available at, is a place where you can view the source code and post ideas for improvements or bug fixes.

🌻 Words of Gratitude 🌻

If you find this tool useful or consider it a benefit to the community, please direct your gratitude towards @dynamicgreentk, who has not only came up with the idea, but has also personally supported its creation.

If you think others might benefit by using this tool, you can let them know by reblogging. 🙂

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