[need help!] My witness node is missing blocks and I don't know why

I have recently lost my main computer but it has nothing to do with my witness node. My witness node runs on a VPS that has been online 24/7.

But since yesterday, on a streak of bad luck, I have been missing all blocks! I haven't even touched it! It missed 1, 2 blocks... But now it has missed 5 blocks and I have no idea why!

I have accessed my VPS and the blockchain is synced correctly:

It is getting blocks correctly, but for some reason, it misses all blocks it should produce!

I am going crazy. First, my laptop breaks and I lose everything on it. Now my witness node is not producing blocks anymore.

Can someone, please, help me debug the node? I have no idea what could it be. My mind is too fucked up by the streak of bad luck to figure it out by myself... I am going crazy how stuff just started going bad in a row...

How do I even begin debugging to see why I missed those blocks?

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