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Some time ago I noticed that promoting Hive through Instagram and other social media that relies on microblogging is inconvenient with the long post links. In addition, microblogging dapps being built for Hive have no concise way to offer short links for in-Hive referencing. The need for a Hive short links tool became apparent.

The problem with short links is there were no Hive-specific solutions; links that belonged to the Hive ecosystem.

Why My Hive?

My Hive allows for Hive ecosystem links to be shortened. It only works on links generated from the following domains:


How to Use

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL you want to shorten
  3. Click "Shorten" OR "Customize Link"
  4. IF you clicked "Customize Link" then enter your desired URL phrase and then click "Shorten"
  5. Copy your generated link and use

Custom Links

My Hive supports custom short links. You may formulate your own links URL as you see fit.

Two popular key words have been omitted from the permitted words that make up the custom short link URLs. These two words are "Hive" and "Steem". Why? To prevent anything from sounding too "official" and to encourage creative custom URLs. Think out of the box. Besides, "Hive" is already in the domain portion of the URL.


My Hive comes with a tracking feature which is currently not publicly available. I'm able to look up the stats however. If you're using it for a campaign and wish to track your clicks, just let me know and I'll look it up for you when I have a minute.


Should a link be created with the clear intent to deceive, it will be deactivated.

Several offensive words are blacklisted from being included in the custom short URLs. More will be added as they come up. I reserve the right to blacklist words at my sole discretion if they are being used to spread racism or similar.

Updates and additional security features will be applied as needed.

If you mistakenly submit a URL you wish to delete or alter, let me know and I'll help you. This is for extreme cases where a grave mistake is made somehow.


Will try to get an API up for the links once I have some time.


If a URL isn't shortening for some reason, change it from to or add a trailing slash at the end "/".

This tool is still a work in progress.

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