Return to stabilizer

Just wanted to share simple script and possibly encourage other proposal creators to consider running this or similar script that will help the peg.


HBD return

We don't know how long HBD will be above the peg, so it is natural for DHF/proposals to adjust and return HBD back to stabilizer that will help the peg and decrease the supply of HIVE while continue to fund some projects. Also projects could continue to evolve, develop, attract more developers and people... For most proposals/labor/infrastructure costs are still based in fiat so the risk is minimal and this script only sends back if peg is above $1.

Choice is ultimately yours and it is based on trust. We are going to run this script in all our proposals until reasonable correction to the peg.

This simple script is written in nodejs that will calculate reward received for entire day and send the difference above peg to @hbdstabilizer. If you find any issues or want to improve it, feel free to submit PR or suggestions. We could add configurable threshold, send from multiple account and other settings...

Edit: New environment parameter PERIOD (how often return) and THRESHOLD (peg percentage threshold) is added, now you can specify those values accordingly.

Let me know what do you think?

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