Imagehoster + Hivesigner and Condenser bounty

Hello everyone,

Earlier in Hivesigner updates, I mentioned that integrating Hivesigner into would be huge steps for giving similar user experience across Hive applications.

One of the first steps were to solve Imagehoster issue or rather expand it to allow image uploads if user Logged in via Hivesigner.

Imagehoster + Hivesigner

Imagehoster works by signing image file with user's private key and then use signature to upload image file. On server side, signature is verified with image file content and accepted/stored.

Hivesigner being OAuth2 works slightly different, so we couldn't sign the image file before uploading to Imagehoster because we don't have access to user's private keys. But each application has accessToken issued by Hivesigner with user's permission. I just created Merge Request into Imagehoster which uses accessToken for verifying application, user account and uploads image.

Once accepted by @blocktrades team, we can start working on next step Condenser Hivesigner integration.

Condenser Bounty

If you are familiar with condenser source code:, here is a challenge and programming task to get first hand experience on how Condenser and Hivesigner works, earn extra reward while learning.

Announcing Bounty for integrating Hivesigner OAuth2 into and

Bounty prize: 1000 HBD
Related issue:

Integration examples to get started: Esteem/Ecency desktop and mobile apps, as well as

If anyone interested adding into prize pool, please feel free to reach out or leave a comment.

Hive on!

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