Introducing AnonRamblings - Say whatever you want, anonymously on the Hive blockchain.

In a world obsessed with political correctness some thoughts are better left anon. What if you had a place to share those thoughts, ideas, or ramblings?

A place you could start a fun, perhaps taboo, conversation without the worry of it being attached to your name?

Or maybe even a confession you want to tell the world but don’t want to worry about your reputation?

AnonRamblings - a place to share your inner thoughts, with the protection of anonymity.

Well, AnonRamblings is there for you.

Tech StackPython & Django
Libraries & Open Source Componentsrequirements.txt
Base Bootstrap ThemeClean Blog

AnonRamblings is a web application on the top of HIVE network. You can post to the blockchain anonymously by using the app.

It's simple and stupid. It's built in one Friday night. Procrastination was hard on that one, I've waited until the last day, 'till last night.

Just go to the submit page, type in your thoughts, and send!

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 04.44.56.png


  • Your post will not be visible in the blockchain instantly. There is a queue. Generally, it should be visible in a couple of minutes.
  • All posts are stored as comments to the place-holder daily posts. (See AnonRamblings community.)
  • "Standard" Markdown is supported.
  • There is a delisting option for the website. It will be used to remove spam & advertisement. Common sense rules apply.


I wanted a minimum viable product that can be done in a short time, yet demonstrate it's core purpose. If we see the volume and have fun using it, this is the roadmap:

  • Editing support via unique tokens

These tokens will be created and given to the creator after the creation.

  • Interactivity

Users can be able to see the comments of a "rambling", can vote them up/down, comment on them, etc. Keychain or Hivesigner would be the authentication tool.


The original idea belongs to @xxxxxxxxxx. I was looking for ideas to implement and he was there to save the day. Special thanks to @justineh for the help in the preparation process. The logo is designed by @ruen.

Also thanks to all the sponsors and @themarkymark for the event.

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