Ecency development and maintenance #2

Project description

Year 2021 was a great year of growth, in just 12 months reached global 23k top Alexa rank. And our development team didn't stop entire year. Many releases and improvements both mobile application and website, desktop apps. We continue to be the community owned frontend with more and more people contributing to our cause. Check these awesome people who are contributing, we are adding previous contributors and new people everyday.

We are really excited about future of Hive and how far we came together as community.
Ecency website is built with cutting edge technology, the fastest frontend on Hive. Ecency mobile application is feature full, complete mobile experience to onboard masses. Services like dedicated imagehoster instance and custom unified push notifications for website, desktop and mobile apps makes Ecency stand out and future proof, scalable and all of that is opensource. 🚀 We love our community and platform we are building together and set it free so it can find a life of its own.


As of right now, our team maintains and continue to develop following services, opensource.

Do you think Ecency brings value to Hive?

With this proposal we aim to cover a lot of the features on our roadmap as well as help us support open infrastructure to scale and offer unique, niche products and features. Please support Ecency in our mission to create opensource, decentralized, thriving, innovative softwares for Web3.0 communities!

Explanation of proposal costs

90% of these funds will be used to develop new features and 10% covers server costs. Plus Witness earnings from @good-karma which is already dedicated to this mission, additional funds will certainly help bring back couple more mobile developers and more actively push our mobile onboarding efforts. We also have regular newsletters and press-release updates to help with Hive and Ecency branding. Continuously add missing features to Ecency opensource website. Improve gamification via Pointing system that converts to Tokens, explore avenues of innovation on community points/tokens system. More focus on community spaces and customisations. Improve code documentation so we get more developers involved, building, discussing, cloning projects.


Fastest, secure, feature-full, unique and opensource website frontend, mobile application and desktop interface. Dedicated infrastructure to support and serve ever growing visits.
Image hosting instance that can serve you even oldest images from years ago. Try it our on and you will know what we mean, open any post older than 3-4 years and see if images load for you. We noticed some images are visible in our instance that are missing from other main instance. Dedicated Blockchain RPC node to handle traffic on Ecency apps and services.
And of course unique user experience and simple, quick signup that helps onboarding new people into blockchain social, blockchain tokens, trading, blockchain discovery and blockchain communities world.



Daily: 369 HBD
Monthly: 11070 HBD

Labor (Development+Management): ~160x2 hours per month, 9600 HBD
Recurring costs (Servers): ~$2100, ~2100 HBD

We have 5 developers and 1 designer/illustrator and getting all of them full time is not reasonable ask, so we are load balancing it with 2 full time person. But 5 devs will be working, 2 person mobile, 3 person (web+desktop), 2 person backend, plus 2 person designer/illustrator, all interconnected because some of us bring multiple skillset to the team.

State of DHF

  • As of right now there is around ~8 272 285 HBD available for proposals
  • Daily possible funding on Decentralized Hive Fund is ~82 722 HBD
  • We are asking Daily 369 HBD

We understand that during the duration of our proposal we may get partial funding sometimes, no funding sometimes. But it won't stop us from developing and delivering. We hope you see value Ecency brings to Hive and support us in common vision and goal!

Thank you!

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