Proposal for the upkeep of Hivekings


History of the infrastructure (formerly started as a small informational website for the Steem/Hive community. The main attraction was the witnesses page, which many of you surely found very useful ( Slowly but surely, it grew through the years, with me putting a lot of time and effort in building it, with the addition of servers and new webpage features. Hivekings became powered by multiple dedicated servers, each handling specific tasks, coordinated in a seamless fashion.

Server 1

Hive full API node (account history and hivemind with high performance hardware. It used to be private, but I made it public after the split from Steem, when we needed all the resources we had to keep the network going.

Server 2

Hive seed node, also providing a fast gbit download of the blockchain file for Hive witnesses and node admins (

Server 3

MariaDB (MySQL) database servicing the Hivekings domain, most importantly the witness page ( and HiveScribe (

Server 4

Main webpage and frontend for HiveScribe and block Explorer (

Funding Request

My position in the top20 was a big motivation to grow and dedicate a lot of time to code and improve the website, which became a bigger infrastructure through the years. However, since 8 months, I dropped out of the top20, because I was missing blocks and the failover script didn't kick in. I lost a few whale votes and sadly didn't recover my position. This has cut down the rewards, the latter being the main source for the development of Hivekings (hardware and coding). I could absorb the expenses for many months, but to be honest, funds are running low.

Therefore, I'm requesting a daily funding of 75 HBD 50 HBD (revised) until 1 July 2022, to keep the services running by covering the expenses and man power. That includes:

  • ISP gbit costs
  • Servers management
  • Performance and status monitoring
  • Backups
  • Hardware and storage upgrades (SSD/NVME wear and tear)
  • Code maintenance (updates, optimizations, testing, debugging)
  • Bots on Discord channels where I hang out
  • New features

Proposal Links

If you like what I've been offering through the years, please support this Hivekings proposal. You can vote with either of the following options:

Thank you for your support.

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