Set Up SPK Claim Chain Node

Craddle To Grave

This is real time full install. From ordering a privex server, to installing dependencies, the Repository, building docker images, DNS setup, SSL via certbot, running a update/hardfork, and verifying operation. With a lot of additional information in the wait times.

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Time Stamps

  • 0:30 Gerating a new Hive key pair

  • 1:50 Ordering a PrivEx Server

  • 3:20 Generate ssh keypair

    • ssh-keygen
  • 5:07 Brief introduction to Honeycomb Configuration (skipable)

  • 10:30 Wallet Software Preview with Larynx Claim

  • 11:59 Privex Server Ready - Log In

    • ssh -i "priv" ubuntu@ip.addr
  • 17:37 Installing Dependencies (Skip to here for BYO Server)

    • sudo apt install docker docker-compose
  • 15:30 More Network overview while waiting for software.

  • 20:00 Cloning the SPK HoneyComb repository (Skip to here for BYO Server)

    • git clone
    • cd honeycomb-spkcc
    • sudo docker-compose build
  • 21:15 Continuing Network overview to kill time durring software build

  • 24:55 Installing NGINX and Certbot. Configuring DNS(not shown)

    • sudo apt install nginx certbot python3-certbot-nginx
    • sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-availible/default
    • Modify server_name _; to server_name;
    • sudo nginx -t sudo systemctl reload nginx
    • sudo certbot
  • 32:15 Writing the .env file (Skip to here for BYO Server)

    • nano .env
    •  account="hiveaccount"
    • Optionally discordwebhook= to stream the feed into a discord channel
  • 35:00 Finalize NGINX setup - proxy pass

    •  location / {
                 proxy_http_version 1.1;
                 proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
                 proxy_set_header Connection 'upgrade';
                 proxy_set_header Host $host;
  • 36:55 Run Honeycomb (Skip to here for BYO Server)

    • sudo docker-compose up
  • 38:42 Updating HoneyComb - HardForks (Skip to here for BYO Server)

    • git pull
    • sudo docker-compose down
    • sudo docker-compose build
    • sudo docker-compose up
  • 42:30 RealTime - Verifying Success (Skip to here for BYO Server)

Not Covered: Making a dedicated Hive Account. Delegating 100 HP to this account. Configuring server to disallow password login. Join us on Discord for help

Consider @disregardfiat for Witness :)

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