DLUX NFT Testing Status

DLUX NFT Testing

I don't really know where to begin, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. Yesterday the DLUX Founders Set was defined on our sidechain.

Create NFT Form

Of course this is as clear as mud, but we'll have a form that will hold your hand through this process in no time. This form builds the NFT definition and sets up payment. The idea is if you make a mistake, as long as you delete the definition before an NFT gets issued, you'll get a refund. Start and End are Base64 numbers that define a range. in this case 0 - 4095, for a total of 4096 NFTs in this set. Each of those was bonded with 100 dlux( you can't see that 100.000 is 100000 milliDLUX on the form). The name of the set is dlux, and the permlink was the NFT announcement post. The script was added to that post so that if it ever falls off IPFS, there is a copy on chain that can replace it with the same hash. The Royalty is 1.00% (100 centipercents), the handling is the file type that comes out of the script.

This was accepted by DLUX in the following status message:

@disregardfiat defined dlux NFT set. 413449.300 DLUX paid

That's 409,600.000 toward the bond/melt value and 3,849.300 DLUX in memory and definition fees.

byte_count = 39 // average account bytes x2 plus formatting
const name_counter = json.name.split('')
byte_count += name_counter.length
const start_num = Base64.toNumber(json.start)
const end_num = Base64.toNumber(json.end)
const total_num = end_num - start_num + 1
const id_counter = json.end.split('')
byte_count += id_counter.length * 2
if(total_num){ //checks for error in set size
const byte_cost = stats.nft_byte_cost

As you can see, each byte is counted for all 4096 NFTs to determine the cost. 3,849.3 DLUX is roughly the equivalent of $800 at current market value.

Mint Token Menu

This screen-grab was taken after some testing, but at the time it contained 4096 Mint Tokens. After checking the definition was good, I pressed the open button and signed the transaction on Hive_Keychain.

Hive Keychain Operation

This operation schedules a virtual op, which executes in approximately 63 seconds. This uses that blocks witness signature as a seed for the pseudo-random number assignment. This way a witness can't mint a token when they can foresee the outcome. This operation also finalizes the fee paid, of which half was burned, and half goes to that days witness pool.


Finally, my inventory has an NFT. The first one minted on our layer 2. dlux:wB You can see the available options that need to be tested below. Trade, Give, Auction, Sell, and Melt.

And there is good news:

NFT Sales

Sales have been tested fine. With @pizza-dlux engineering a custom-json to buy our first sale, he also worked out an auction bot:

NFT Auctions

A little later today our first auction will end, and that will signify the end of testing for these features. Our Trade feature needs a little more UI improvements... Give works fine for both NFTs and Mint Tokens. Airdrop has been tested as well... which should make the below accounts very happy. We also tested the "melt" feature that releases the bond value to the owners account.

D owns 8W

dlux:8W was deleted, you can see here that it is indexed to D which is an illegal hive account, the individual record was deleted, and this is only here to ensure nobody else mints the same token via the mint algorithm. 100.000 DLUX was returned to my account.

There are still a few things to test and build. The UI is close, but not quite usable. Just happy to have progress to show you that's not exactly esoteric coding musings.

DLUX Status

One of the biggest changes on our hardfork was a status API. Basically after you sign a transaction you only get a transaction ID from Hive Keychain, and knowing if your transaction was accepted by the layer-2 / sidechain was a matter of finding changed information on our APIs. Now we are tracking feed entries by transaction ID for several hours. This way our front ends can set a software timer, and fetch the status after about a minute. Finally we can provide some feedback to our users.

Airdrop Accounts

@ammonite @amphlux @antisocialist @ats-david @basilmarples @bobby.madagascar @cadlux @caramaeplays @cryptoandzen @eastmael @eddiespino @elementm @elgeko @foxon @fw206 @gabbynhice @jenkem @johnsdowie @lightsplasher @marki99 @nanocheeze @ohmyohmy @paradigmprospect @preludiocosmico @qwoyn-dlux @revisesociology @rishi556 @rishi556-dlux @shmoogleosukami @shredz7 @superlotto @whatsup @chekohler @freebornsociety @khan.dayyanz @makemoneyhd @abh12345 @achimmertens @acidyo @ackza @actifit-dlux @altrosa @anafae @angelveselinov @austindro @b-s @bezkresu @bitduck86 @blaynescrypto @blockcryptochain @bozz @bryan-imhoff @bubke @buckydurddle @chrismgiles @cowboys.angel @cryptoandcoffee @d-pend @dera123 @direwolf @dlux-highway @dlux-sm @doon @ecoinstant @ecoinstar @ecosaint @erikah @flash07 @flora-francis @focus.folks @fyrstikken @gabbagallery @gattino @hive.pizza @hiveqa @igster @itstime @j85063 @janusface @juvyjabian @jznsamuel @kellie.leigh @kenny-crane @kohost @kriptonik @lanmower @mannacurrency @masterthematrix @meesterboom @michelios @nataboo @nekomuneca @netaterra @nickyhavey @novacadian @okean123 @onealfa @paint.baller @pangoli @phteven.withap @pizza-engine @pizza.witness @pizzabot @pocketrocket @preparedwombat @protegeaa @rovill @runicar @seareader1 @shellyduncan @sn0n @snubbermike @stackin @sunlakeslady @surfyogi @suzanoslin @syedumair @tarazkp @taskmaster4450 @theb0red1 @theycallmedan @tkept260 @tombstone @tracilin @vasqus @walad @zachkriegs

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