High-Availability Hive API Proxy Announcement

What is it?

The project itself isn't as glamorous as its name, but a few days ago I was thinking about potential downtimes for projects that cannot, for whatever reason, support auto node-switching.

Basically, if Project A is using Node A but then suddenly, Node A goes down, what do you do? Well, the project owner has to go and change the necessary settings and use Node B this time around. Yeah, they could have auto node-switching, but hey... Sometimes you can't.

I had a really easy idea on how to probably prevent this and decided on making an HAProxy setup to ensure stability and uptime over speed is also available to Hive users. With this in mind, I created api.ha.deathwing.me which is HAProxy currently balancing/checking three nodes api.deathwing.me, hived.emre.sh and api.hive.blog. I don't expect too much usage on this proxy, but if you are using it for whatever reason, please do let me know. I am planning to keep the server it's currently set up running for a quite long time.


If you don't have automatic node-switching for your project for whatever reason, feel free to utilize api.ha.deathwing.me as your node, which balances the load between 3 nodes at the moment and has constant health-checks. Will not use a node if it's down.

That's about it. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.