api.deathwing.me | Big Upgrade!

Hey all, I would like to first thank everyone for their interest in using my API node. I must admit that I saw loads that I did not expect. Which means my mere(!) 64GB RAM was not able to handle the incoming load after HF24, which resulted in node instability, crashing and so on. And finally, after mustering enough courage. I decided to upgrade the server which api.deathwing.me runs on.

The new servers' specs as follows:

Node Specifications
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
Memory: 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM
Storage: 4TB NVMe (in RAID0), 25TB Potato Disks

Please note that all specifications, including the potato disks, have been doubled since the last machine.

With this, I am hoping that I can keep the node up and stable, able to handle even more load. It is currently running on commit eeaa80e8 for hived and 5d8cb9b for Hivemind which includes the latest performance optimizations. Please keep in mind that due to constant updates and upgrade pushed by @blocktrades and other developers to these branches, you might have minimal downtimes every now and then as the node is being updated to the latest version. The downtimes should not last longer than a couple seconds as all traffic will be rerouted to a working node temporarily.

That's it. Feel free to use it, anytime :)

Thank you for reading through the post.

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