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Hello everyone🖐️ Today we released an update which adds the functionality to the characters👤


You can see their characteristics directly in the game👇

But in case you want to know the characteristics of cards that you do not own, here is your table👇

How characteristics will affect the game

All characteristics will affect PvP in the future, so for now we have made functionality for the following parameters:

  • Strength - affects the speed of mining. 1 force = 1% to the speed of mining.
  • Mind - affects the cost of mining. 4 mind points will reduce the cost of mining by 1 charge. It is important to keep in mind that if the character has 6 mind points he will reduce the mining cost by 1 charge, and not by 1.5.
  • Dexterity - affects two parameters at once: the speed of movement between locations and the speed of loot washing.
    To determine the increase in speed, we use the following formula: agility / 12 * 100 = percentage of increase.
    To determine the loot washing time: 6 - dexterity * 2/10 = washing time.
  • Luck - affects the chance of finding rare loot (green, red objects and lootboxes). 1 luck = +12.5% ​​to the chance of finding rare loot.

And in the inventory of the ship you can see the parameters already calculated for you👇

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