Introducing TokenDistrib, the new tool for HiveEngine token distribution automation

Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome my new HIVE project : Token Distrib!

TokenDistrib Logo


Some communities reward users with some tokens in exchange of HP delegation. But without tools, it's very difficult to do and it take so much time! Get all shares, calculate percentages, ...

Some accounts want to delegate but without rewards too, which add complexity to the token distribution. Some communities (Hello La Taverne and Hive-FR !) ask me to create an tool to made the distribution easier & quicker. That's why I create Token Distrib

How to use

That's really simple :

  • Just go to the Token Distrib website
  • Enter the account with the delegatees list to process
  • If needed, change the options some delegatees (Listed, Redistribution, Hold)
  • Enter the account that will send the tokens
  • Select which token you want to send
  • Verify if all is OK on the last table and click on 'Send' button.
  • The query will be generated and HiveKeychain or Hivesigner will send it on the Hive blockchain !

Screenshot from TokenDistrib Interface


At this time, there are some limitations :

  • I don't generate multi-queries for more than 80/100 members.
  • The memo is cannot be customized.
  • Only the HP delegation is taken into consideration, not HE tokens delegation
  • Not possible to send HIVE or HBD, only HE tokens

But all the limitations will be removed as updates are made.

Anything else ?

Yes ! As usual, like my other projects, Token Distrib is fully open source ! you can find the code on the official GitHub repo. You are welcome to contribute :)

Also, I want to thanks:


If you have feedback or question, don't hesitate to tell me that in a comment. As usual, if you want to support my work, please upvote this post and spread the word around you.

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