# HiveLive is officially released !

I wanted to bring to everyone a simple and efficient service to integrate Hive and its blockchain to streamers (I love Twitch). After many efforts, I am very happy to show you the release of my project: HiveLive!

What is HiveLive ?


HiveLive is a web service for streamers. It is designed to allow streamers to receive donations in HIVE/HBD, but also HiveEngine tokens! Very easy to set up, all you need is a HIVE account and a streaming software.

Whatever the platform (Twitch, YoutubeLive, Facebook Live, Vimm, ...), you will be able to accept these donations very easily and quickly.

Moreover, it is Hive Keychain compatible, but if you or your viewers don't have Hive Keychain, it doesn't matter! You can still receive donations in HIVE/HBD, thanks to HiveSigner.

This project was born from the idea of a French streamer, @itharagaian, for whom I developed a donation bot for his ECU token. You can find more information about his stream and his project directly on his Discord server.

How to use ?

The procedure is very simple:

  • Go to HiveLive
  • Enter your HIVE account and click on "Generate Link"
  • In your streaming software, add a "Browser Source" and paste the Software Link from HiveLive
  • You also have a donation page (Donation Link) that you can put on your twitch page, on your social networks, ... wherever you want !


Free usage, donations and sponsoring

I absolutely want to keep this service free. I don't take any commission in order to allow a more massive and transparent use of this service.

However, this service costs me (development time, hosting fees, domain name, ...). That's why I need you. There are two ways to participate in the financing of the project:

  • You will find on HiveLive a donation form to help me finance this project, but you can also up-vote my posts.
  • You have a project on Hive or a community and want to have your logo and a link to your project? Come on my Discord server so we can discuss it. You'll get extra visibility and support HiveLive.

BONUS: Author Usage

Two HIVE members ( @pravesh0 and @mondoshawan ) have hijacked the usage to take only the Donation Link and put it in their HIVE profile as a website. This makes it much easier for the community to donate to them, regardless of the token used.

To finish

Please note that this web service is still in development. More advanced features are already planned to improve the quality of the service and its possibilities.

If you have any comments, requests, or if you want to send me some love, the comment section is open!

Have a great holiday season, take care of you and have fun with HiveLive

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