Hive has reached Equilibrium with a successful hardfork!

Four hours ago, the Hive hardfork 25 has been successfully activated. It was a smooth transition with no hiccups.

This is the result of an intense testing period and a lot of work from the @blocktrades team and several other Hive developers (including myself). It is always quite rewarding when the hard work provided leads to success.

On top of that, I was lucky enough to be able to sign the first HF25 block.


Nothing really serious worth bragging about, but winning the lottery is always fun.

There is still work to be done:

  • Within hours of following the hardfork, I checked that all of my apps were working properly (HiveSQL, HiveBuzz, Engage, Autoclaim...)
  • I am now busy upgrading the last 2 backup witness nodes that I had kept running v1.24 (in case ...)

After that, I'll give myself a well-deserved day of rest. The hardfork days (and the days before) are quite stressful times.

I wish you all a Happy Hive Forkday!

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