Automatically claim your SPK network LARYNX tokens

TLDR; The Hive Autoclaim Services have been updated with a new feature to help you automatically claim your SPK Network LARYNX miner tokens.

Do not forget to claim your LARYNX tokens

Since March 20, 2022, it is possible to claim your LARYNX tokens if you had HIVE or Hive Power when the creators of the SPK Network took a snapshot of the Hive blockchain accounts. You can read more about this here.

In March, you have 11 days to do so (only a few left), and for the next 11 months, you will have the whole month.

But beware, if you forget to claim your tokens during any of these 12 months, then they will be lost to you! No way to claim them the following month!

That's why I've updated my Hive AutoClaim Services to do the work for you so you don't have to worry about creating and checking your sticky note.

What are Hive Autoclaim Services?

For those who don't know yet, Hive Autoclaim Services are cloud services that automatically does all the dirty work for you and

  • claim available Hive author and curation rewards 24 hours a day!
  • claim available Hive-Engine token every day.
  • can claim available HBD interest from your HBD savings every 30 days.
  • claim LARYNX token during the airdrop period (new!)

For more information, read the Hive Autoclaim Services userguide

It's already working

For anyone who already uses Hive Autoclaim Services, good news: you don't have anything to do! The feature has been automatically activated for you. All this for free ;)

If you hadn't already done it yourself, from now on Hive Autoclaim should have taken over. I let you check.

With this additional feature, you won't miss any opportunity to claim your tokens and you can rest easy.


If you have any questions, support for this service is provided on Discord.

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