Hive-Tube version 4 Released

Hive-Tube version 4 Released

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  1. Are you tired of your videos being censored?
  2. Are you tired of your video income being destroyed by paypal, patreon, gofundme, subscribestar, etc?
  3. Would you like to stream all of your videos out on P2P?
  4. Would you like to earn cryptos every 3 seconds?

Install the Hive-Tube plugin on your Peertube server and start earning cryptos every 3 seconds! Absolutely NO KYC either! #fuKYC

Hive-Tube plugin for Peertube server (check out

What's new in this Release:

  1. Monitor your Hive comments and video earnings in real-time. See an example on this site:
  2. Better notifications system. Which videos are having problems, server issues you might be having, monitor sources where videos get auto-imported, etc.
  3. Added real-time upvoting and downvoting to user comments. So, if some jackass posts some offensive images, the community can downvote it so that it disappears in roughly 3 seconds from the site.
  4. Payouts are now displayed in real-time which encourages other people to upvote content, leave tips, and leave quality comments.
  5. Tooltips on the payouts now show you in real-time how much the video Author has earned on a video so far, and how much the Host has earned.
  6. Dual-logins are now supported. So, if you have a Hive account and a Peertube account on the same server instance, you can be logged in to both accounts simultaneously and check notifications and other account actions separately from one simple UI.
  7. Auto-import now supports auto-importing videos to your Peertube server from Odysee, LBRY, 3Speak, Bitchute, and Youtube. This way, if you upload your videos to one of those platforms then you no longer need to upload the same video file, title and description etc to your Peertube server as well. This auto-import script checks those other sites every few minutes for new posts and grabs them automatically.
  8. Hive-Tube plugin settings screen has been vastly improved and simplified. It is now Grandma-friendly.

Questions about Hive-Tube? Join us in!

On a side-note, we just finished the first alpha release of Hive-Press too, which adds Hive monetization to any WordPress blog. Once we feel it is beta-worthy, we will do the public announcement for it as well. ( agreed to be the first showcase for Hive-Press)

Stay tuned... LOTS more Hive-connected apps and plugins coming! :)

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