Heading out on a boat trip on the Island of Thassos, Greece

Hey guys,

I have hundreds of photos taken on our last vacation to Thassos, Greece and never shared those before. I thought starting sharing the ones I took when we embarked on a boat trip around the island. Well, we didn't go around the whole island cause....after a few hours of good weather and good mood, a very strong wind started blowing, with huge waves 🌊 hitting our boat so....we just hoped to get on the shores as fast as possible. 😱

Boating on an island with friends, in a vacation day sounds perfect, right? Especially in Greece, as I adore Greece and last year I truly missed it so much! ⛵️

I hope my post fits in the community though! I wasnt sure where to post it, but finally I prefered sharing it on here rather than Pinmapple community. :):)

Heading out on a boat trip in Thassos, Greece, is like stepping into a dream.


The scenery is out of this world. Imagine sailing past beautiful cliffs, green hills, and charming little villages by the sea. The water is so clear and blue, it's like something from a postcard.

On a boat trip, you can find secret beaches that you can only get to by boat. These spots are peaceful and quiet, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing away from the crowds.

The best part is just taking it easy. Feel the sun on your face, listen to the waves, and forget about your worries for a while. It's pure relaxation.

We had a child on the board, so I think this puts a lot more stress on the parents because boating it's always bringing some risks, and actually we faced some of those too.

Just to name a few, there can happen a lot of accidents including collisions, weather hazards, mechanical failures and navigation errors.


This was our starting point, leaving from Limenaria town, South the island about before noon.
The weather was a bit unpredictable, we were worried not having a good day because it was cloudy.⛅️

Nobody wants a cloudy day when in vacation, heading out on a boat trip right? 😕
However, I must say it was a pleasent weather. I don't like being in the sun too much so afterall, it was just perfect this way.
Eventually, the sun did show his later. 🌞

Here are some photos of this cloudy morning being on the island of Thassos, in beautiful Greece.






This is the dock from which we started our boat ride, in Limenaria.

Actually I wrote an entire post about this location, which is the second largest on the island of Thassos.

If you read my post, I included there more photos of the deck.

Limenaria, the second largest town in Thassos Island, Greece


Having a small child on the boat, it makes sense to have a potty at hand. In the photo down bellow you can see my little one's portable potty we always have had in the car, now on the boat. Our boat ride lasted more than four hours, you can imagine it was used by this little guy here :)).
We also had snacks, water, coffee and toys for the little man.


Here's just me, enjoying the sun, the good mood, the weather, the moment! 💙🧡

Imagine yourself on a boat, gently moving with the waves. The sun is shining, and there's a soft breeze blowing through your hair. It feels so calm and peaceful.

You can forget about all your worries when you're on a boat. There's no traffic or loud noises, just the quiet of the water and the beauty of nature around you. You can sit back and enjoy the view – the pretty blue sea, the faraway islands, and maybe even some dolphins!



Here we've came across Marble Beach and Vathi Beach and it's so amazing because the landscape is so different! And thats all because of the water's color. The color is turquise blue and the beach is marble white.

We did a bath here, jumping into the water for a swim! It was lots of fun, though at first it was way too cold LOL. After spending a whole few hours on the boat, getting into the water at first wasnt nice at all!


We went both on these beaches, not now I mean. We went by car, here's my post on the Marble Beach. Vathi Beach is amazing too, I didnt get a chance to write about it, not just yet, but I promise it's one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and I'll share some photos in the future.

Marble Beach on Thassos Island, Greece 🏖️ 🇬🇷

You can do whatever you want on a boat trip – read a book, take a nap (of there are others on the boat 🤣), talk with your friends or family, write a blog LOL or just look at the horizon and reflect on whatever you want. Being on the water helps you relax and forget about all the busy stuff in your life. At least, thats what I felt. You can't really think on something else, other than living the moment.

Here are some more photos taken while floating on the Aegean See.

By the way, Thassos is a gem of the Greek islands, known for its pristine beaches, crystalline waters and rich cultural heritage. Here's why going boating around this island paradise is an experience not to be missed!






And here's when the weather started to turn a little nasty.

As we were sailing on the calm sea, we felt a gentle breeze at first, then out of nowhere, the wind got stronger and pushed the water into big waves.

Once more, the sky was covered with clouds.

The waves started to grow bigger and splash against the sides of the boat. At this point, we were a bit scared. And the fact we were having a 3.5 years old on the boat it made the whole situation even more stressful.
We were all wet because of the water that got splashed into the boat, my child was freezing and so were we. Me and @pinkwizz were comforting my son, holding the towels around him so he could not feel the cold. LOL (he even slept at some point) 😁. Kids 😆

I dont have photos taken because I was afraid not to drop my phone in the water as the boat rocked and rolled with each big wave, back and forward.

I only remember the stress thinking my kid is on danger and the cold. It was freaking cold because we all were wet, from head to toe. I was almost crying. 🙂



Then we decided to go back on the deck. AT first we thought sailing around the whole island but it wasnt possible in these conditions.

Going on a boat trip is a great way to relax, have fun, and make memories. But also, it can be difficult at times and don't forget there are risks. I'm not sure I would embark again on an adventure like this with a 3.5 yrs old.

I think it was a beautiful day overall, with lots of stories to tell our kids later sometimes 😄.

Here are the last photos I took while approaching the shores of Limenaria once again.





I hope I didnt write too much as now I see my post is seven minutes reading. Very often I mentioned I dont blog just for the "audience", for you, my friends. I blog for myself as well. Writing all these words are part of me, they were all in my head and I had to put them down here so they can be a memory in time whenever I read this myself.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos though! The sea is just something I never get bored of.

missdeli 💓

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