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Hello! Bonjour! Salve! Hola! Hiver's Its your melcakes and welcome to my blog. Hope your having a good day, and if your not, then let's set your mode into a wonderful one. Come and join me as I share my experience in our trekking.


I had my first ever trekking and I experience it at Bagatayam,Sugod,Cebu.I was in a mixed emotions, excited at the same same time nervous since it is also my first time going to a place where I don’t have a single idea about the place.Sugod is not that familiar destination for travelers and adventurers but I believe that every place has a gem to discover. Surely,Sugod offers an interesting view to those who love nature and willing to explore the place. Join me and let’s witness what Bagatayam, Sugod has to offer.

It's been a busy days for us,our mind are too occupied by the school activity and acads.I was very busy for the past months. My body and mind are too exhausted and drained but thankfully I got the chance to take a short relaxation where I can breath the fresh air and got the chance to feel how beautiful the world is.

Before that day I was just planning to have a normal days like just taking a nap and get up late since it was Saturday and we don't have a class. Suddenly when I woke up at around 10:pm as I open my phone one of my classmate told me that we will go for a trekking together with our teacher @callmesmile .When I already read it,I get up immediately, get my towel and go to the bathroom to take a shower. I was feeling excited on what will my day went.


I've been wanting to experience trekking and finally for the first time I already experience it and with the great people yeyyyy!!!!.

While we we’re in the bus I can’t help but to think what view does await us.My mind was too occupied imagining the view since we don’t have any idea about the place, we were just following where callmesmile will bring us. We just follow the leader HEHEHEHHE

As I step out from the bus, excitement consumed me.THIS IS IT! As we walk and stop to the mini store to buy something for our food. My ears are too sensitive as I already heard the splashes of water coming from the falls. My mind was automatically screaming for excitement and I really wanted to run just to see the view that await us , but I acted normal because I feel shy to show them how excited I was for this trek HAHAHAH. I patiently wait to see the view🙈.

Therapeutic Bagatayam Falls




When we reached the falls the strong splash of water renders to my ears as it soothes my whole being. When I witnessed the view all the exhausting things fade away.MY HEART IS CRYING🥺.We spent a minute to captured the view and make our eyes full by its beauty.


Just by watching the clear water move freely and the dancing trees gives me a therapeutic feeling.

Bagatayam falls is 15 ft. deep-water falls .You can see the natural water over flowing in Batayam, Sugod,Cebu.The falls was situated near the main road of Sugod and is available to all localities as well as the tourist.The falls has no entrance fee. Its abundance of water was the main source of water of the localities through the waterworks system of Sugod.The water is originated from the Binaliw spring that flows freely to the Bagatayam falls .

We decided to find a perfect spot for us where it is not crowded and a place where we can grill the fish.


As we walk through, there are kids who are enjoying their swimming and diving into their made mini swimming pool. I can’t help but to reminisce my childhood memories where all I thinks is just play. I remember we also have a river in our place but not as wide and clear water as the Bagatayam falls have.

Everytime the afternoon came, my father used to put us to bed and help us sleep but I was a stubborn child.Thankfully I am not stubborn as before,I fully change HHAHAHA🤣.I run away when I know my father is asleep and immediately go to the river near our house where we will catch small crabs with my cousins and we will cook them at my cousin's house. I come home wet and muddy yet my stomach is full


I hope we could go back to the times where we don’t mind the problems. But I know we have to grow as individuals. We are already done in that pace in our life and it’s about time to face the reality of our life.




Some localities are doing their laundry. I can see their big friendly smile as we pass by. As I watched them washing their clothes it makes me want to join them heheheheh next time I will experience it since I also want to experience doing laundry at the lake. Aside from you can save water it is also less hassle for you


However, I am imagining my self washing my own clothes at the lake– putting it a soap and washed it.After washing it with a clean water I will just leave it at the water and I will meet my clothes at the end where I put something in the water so that my clothes will not be taken by the flow of the water, ridiculous mind right?Hahahahaha but yeah, that’s just how I think.



When we already reached a perfect spot for us we immediately clean the fish.I was really having a good time with my classmate as we clean the fish while soaking our feet into the water. After cleaning the fish, we immediately cook it and had our lunch. I guess this is my most memorable lunch I ever had because we’ve got the best view to watched as we eat. BEST DAY EVER!


This is our view when we grill the fish

After we eat, we clean the area where we eat before leaving and we continue to explore the place.

That's it for today's blog my hiver's 😊.Thankyou for spending your time reading my blog, I hope you enjoy and like this blog.Always put a smile on your face,😃spread love💗,peace ✌️and kindness.See you on my next blog.🥰

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