Enjoying natural beauty from boat

Traveling from here to there gives me pleasure all the time and I don't miss that kind of opportunity anytime. Last month I went to meet with one of my best friends after a long time approximately after one year. Our plan was to go to the Bank of Karnafuli River in a specific part because there have good facilities for sitting and there always exists little cold airflow which made it one of my favorite places. After reaching we found that construction work was ongoing there😑.

Our plan was sitting that place for talking and enjoy the airflow but our plan failed. So my friend decided to enjoy a boat ride on the river and I agreed with him. As planned we started to move towards to search for a boat.

There were many boats and we could easily hire a boat for us. We get it at a very cheap price and we were happy about it. The boat journey started from here. I started to feel excited because, after a long time, I was enjoying boat riding. Firstly I took a picture of the bank of the river from the boat and you can see that people were facing a busy time.

On the bank of the river, there were many boats and ships that made the place which gave me a crowded feeling and I don't like to visit crowdy places until it's necessary. But I didn't concentrate on it too much because I thought it was good for me at that time.

Our boat journey started and we noticed many ships and I guess those ships came there because of business purposes from the deep sea. Some were giant shapes and some were in a small shape. I was thinking what if those giant shape ships start to push our boat? overthinking.I knew it was not going to happen but I was imagining the scenario.

After leaving the bank of the river we were enjoying the beauty of the scenario. I felt the river looks more beautiful from the middle of it rather than see it on the bank of the river.

In one picture the sun is looking like about to touch the ship which was like it was the light of that ship.

I have seen some other people also who were crossing the river using boats. I don't know why those people use boats for crossing the river where the government constructed a bridge. Maybe they became used to it.

It was almost at the end of the afternoon and the sun was still in the sky and the scenario was quite fascinating. In that kind of situation, I touched the water of the river to feel the moments. Enjoying such kind of moment from a boat was an amazing feeling for me.

We started our journey from one side of a river and finished it on the opposite side of the river. I said the boatman to return us to the side where we started our journey but he said it was not possible because they have some rules and regulations. So our boat journey end here otherwise, I wished to enjoy the sunset moment from the boat.

It was the last photograph of that day. We were walking by the side of the river to reach the bridge to cross the river and we see a canal starting from the river. It was almost the time of sunset and for that reason, we didn't waste there any more time.

We enjoyed the sunset moment from the Bridge but I didn't capture any pictures of it because both of us were busy talking with each other.

fun fact: while I was capturing pictures I was afraid of thinking that if my smartphone dropped into river water from my hand what would happen? I was thinking about it and one person dropped his smartphone from another boat while taking pictures😅. Is it a coincidence? I don't know.

it's my entry for #outdoorsandmore community contest organized by @galenkp .

If you think that I violated any rules of this platform or my word hurting you or I made any mistakes here, let me inform about it through comments or my other social network. I will try to correct it if I made any mistakes.

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