Visiting Natural Body: A Travel to Famous Village Stream

Hi guys! I'm excited to be here today, the share the natural adventure but a beautiful natural stream, I'm going to take you around one of the most biggest stream in my area, exploring natural environment actually brings joy and happiness. We had midterm break in school where I work so I've decided to travel to village in order to visit one of natural water body there.

Let me take you through a beautiful village stream where hundred of people trooped in daily to behold it's sight and enjoy the natural environment and fresh air that comes out of it. This very stream was more bigger and deeper than this, children weren't allowed to bath in it because of how deep it was but suddenly when some started mining sand and precious stones because the stream has both crystal with some others precious stones in it, the stream couldn't maintain its depth as before

Eventually, you can see him swimming in it, it is called local swimming pool as it has many people coming to swim there doing summer from time to time, it has fishes before it was destroyed by a massive flood caused. But even with that, we really had a lot of fun here, you can be astonished by how magnificent and attractive this place is if you are here, that's why I couldn't resist to take pictures so as have memories of it, I really feel good after such an exciting fun.

After taking pictures of the natural environment surrounded this wonderful stream, I decided to in and see how the water look to swim in it, meanwhile, its calm, cold and seren ambient entails how satisfying it would be to have some fun, I can't really explain and I don't think a word could describe what I felt that time as I'm still Even in awe by that nature water body.

I just imagine having this kind of stream in the city where I stay, I would be visiting it on early basis, I'm going to show you it's surrounding, the trees and I hope you will like the pictures


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