The fearsome Timber Tiger nearly murdered me.

This is a story from my past. File this one under the chapter of gold mining and how not to gold mine. Also could file this one in be careful with who you trust in partnerships.

So this one time I got attacked by a timber tiger. Absolutely frightful and dreadful creatures these things one must be extremely careful when the woods because there are all sorts of creatures out there that can and will decide to eat your food as well as you. And these Timber tires are definitely frightful individuals and love chipping bones to dust. They can help to dispose of the last remains of pretty nearly every creature including humans. Leaving lonely the teeth.

No joke timber are absolutely fearless and don't give a crap about what you think and will just wander straight into your camp. Absolutely no fear in these critters absolutely at all!

And I wake up one morning and see one of these less than a foot away from my food supply which is extremely close. Like less than 10 ft away from me. I was nearly paralyzed in fear I have been this close to these ferocious and brave creatures however this was way too close and definitely not as I'm trying to rest before my adventures that day.

Yes silently as I could I pulled my gun out of the holster and quietly aimed. The slow is smooth as fast fast is lethal.

The lengthwise stripes and the tawny well muscled frame had fearsome claws as well as huge fangs and enormous eyes that burned with a hateful light. His frightful scowl was focused and determined fun committing this larceny.

Yes absolutely this creature was about ready to pounce and with one brutal slash cut open my bag of food spilling it everywhere. And I definitely needed all of that food

Meanwhile as the destruction of my food supply is occurring I am carefully aiming my pistol and removing the safety as I have this timber tiger within my sights and I'm about ready to defend myself and my food supply with my life.

Has the firearm goes off the 45 ACP round blazes down range as a flying ashtray with the jacketed hollow point reaching 1200 feet per second and generating enormous impact is it slams into the side of the fearsome timber tiger.

As the smoke clears and as my bag of trail mix is spilling nuts all over the ground... I see splattering Gore from hitting my target. And that bushy tail flashing off into the brush.

Dang chipmunk 🐿️.... Although from then on my nuts were safe! After I holstered my weapon I decided to go recover what I could from my trail mix.

I loaded another bowl and about an hour later my neighbor comes wandering out to see if I had been eaten by a bear.


It's funny but true story brought to you by cannabis and my puppy dog thank you very much everyone and I hope you have an amazing day.

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