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I began this community a couple years ago with the intention of posting about my outdoors adventures: Four-wheel driving, kayaking, hiking, camping, shooting and hunting plus firearms related topics to name a few. Eventually, other people came along so I set some guidelines for posting here.

I wanted it to have a certain feel and look and be a place others could come knowing what they'd find, that is, posts about the outdoors, natural and wilderness places and the adventures people have there, and to add their own if they felt inclined.

The posting guide is to help people decide if this community is suitable for them. In it, are guidelines and rules I use to maintain the integrity of the look and feel of all my communities - they're mine after all - so figure I have the right to impose some guidelines that help them look and feel the way I would like them to.

If you want clarification simply reply to this post, although I think the following information is self-explanatory.

The basic rules:

  • English posts only - No dual language posts or titles
  • Cross posts and single image no-word posts will be muted
  • No post-recycling or plagiarism
  • Videos must be your own with at least 200 words in the post
  • No spam posting - Once a day is sufficient
  • Minimum 200 words per post & your own photos must be used
  • No business or promotion posts or political rants


Some posting suggestions and guidelines

This is not the right community for content about cities, towns, amusement parks and other such man-made places or things including the park in the middle of a city and tourist attractions like zoos and theme parks. It's about natural places, the great outdoors, wilderness, lakes, rivers, mountains, oceans and so on...and the things that you do out there, personally.

Things like hiking, camping, four-wheel driving, hunting, kayaking, surfing, climbing, snorkelling, sailing, picnics and BBQ's, bike riding and other such activities are all welcome, but they have to be in the great outdoors, not your back yard or the little patch of grass in the middle of the city.

Survivalist and prepping content, tips and tricks and any hunting, fishing, firearms and shooting content is also welcome as long as it works within the rules above. Content about the equipment used to do any of the above is also welcome however remember to use your own photos as much as possible. I'll also permit nomadic-lifestyle and homesteading posts, however they need to be outdoor-oriented to stay on-topic.


What if your content doesn't suit but you put it here anyway

This is going to result in your post being muted and it won't be a conversation we have, it'll just happen. If your post is muted you'll have a choice: Rant and rave and call me names, or accept that your content wasn't suited to a community of my own creation and have another try, or you can just go elsewhere. Of course, if it's a simple matter of you having posted in dual language you could edit it and it'll be reinstated if you let me know it's been edited.

If you're not keen on the guidelines or a community that focuses on a particular thing as this one does, that's ok, just don't post here. You're free to go elsewhere and, if you really want autonomy, go and start your own community and post what you like.

Ask me questions

I'm always around the place so you can ask about the community and guidelines or whether particular content may be suitable - I do this myself when posting into other people's communities and when I'm not sure my content may be suitable - It's called common courtesy.

If you do decide to post here, you may see the following image pop up on your post from @outdoor.life, the curation account of this community. It's just an acknowledgement of great content although the curation account is monitored by a call-centre of eager and attentive operators just waiting for your comment to come through, so feel free to make a comment in reply if you like.

Furthermore, I'm a curator for the @curangel curation initiative so your post may gain some additional upvotes if it meets their requirements, and my own - I'm always looking for great content to promote and support.

Your post has been curated on behalf of the outdoors and more community.

#outdoorlife footer.png


I don't want to make this too long so I'll finish up by saying that when I curate I look for passion, personality and effort...if those things are there I keep reading.

I'm not that concerned about people's poor English or that their camera may not take amazingly good images...it's about those three elements above. Putting in some effort, presenting your posts well and engaging with other people on their posts will help attract people to you and to build relationships...it's in that way an account is built.

If you've got the right content for this community you're welcome to use it. If you're not interested, you can still apply some passion personality and effort to your posts elsewhere and the same account-growth benefits will apply.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default; tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

All images in this post are my own.

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