There's been another school shooting: How long before they come after legal guns again?

The same old song and dance is about to get fired up again Guns, not parents or the lack of parents, or mental health will be blamed in a school shooting where 1 person died. It's always the guns that get targeted, not the people who should be in charge of raising their kids to not go to school and shoot up the place.


Very little information is being released about the shooter and I'll give you a hint as to why that might be: Think for a minute about what kind of person the media really really wants to be responsible for anything bad that happens in America in a racial sense. Think about it and then think about why it is that the identity (which is known at this point) is not being released to the public.

That is another issue entirely but I would bet my very small farm (ok, it's a garden) that the shooter is a black guy and that is why no one is dragging race into this.

The point is that this, and every other shooting that involved minors the media and the political blowhards always want to drag the gun into it rather than the people who are involved.


The above image is me every day. I have never shot someone but I am prepared to do so if the time comes. The county that I live in is one of the safest in the state as far as violent crime is concerned and it also has one of the highest percentages of legal gun ownership. Imagine that huh? People aren't going to commit random acts of violence on strangers when they know there is a better than average chance that they are carrying lethal force on them and are legally allowed to use it if needed. It's a fun little deterrent that.

Now the strange thing about this recent shooting is that there hasn't been the usual Democrats coming out of the woodwork calling for more gun control.... yet. The probably will though because that is their usual 1-2.

When I spoke to my parents they told me that in the 60's when they went to school almost everyone was armed. Gun racks in cars were common and while handguns were rare, people did have them and there were no school shootings that I can remember... can you? It's not the guns got more sophisticated or easier to acquire either. The guns have gotten better over time but they have become much more difficult to obtain legally. The black market doesn't respond to laws so well so if they do try to make more laws "to protect the children" they are only going to affect people that obey laws in the first place.


Is it unfortunate that this kid got shot in Winston Salem? Yeah of course it is. Back in my day we would just beat someone up if we had a beef with them and that would be the end of it. We also HAD guns then as well but we knew better than to use them.

Guns aren't the problem. I have a lot of them and so does just about anyone I know. None of us have ever killed anyone.

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