Fun meme about Biden and assualt rifles

Biden is just like a lot of other Democrats in that he wants to take your guns away. He will claim, or rather, his handlers that write his teleprompter words for him to read, differently depending on which State he happens to be in (in the United States, not his state of mind- which is always "blank.")

He is also one of those politicians that is anti-gun but doesn't actually know anything about them or the statistics that come alone with them. These guys and girls with political power always go after long guns and especially the AR-15 even though if we were to wave the magic gun wand and all semi-automatic rifles immediately ceased to be in the United States around 1% or less of the gun crime that takes place in USA would be eliminated.

It is a completely stupid argument that just boggles the mind that they keep doing it but they still keep doing it even though it is called out over and over again that long-guns, even scary looking long-guns like AR-15's are not the ones that criminals are using!


If you listen to Joe talk about any weapons when he isn't reading a teleprompter it is just garbled nonsense that shows that he doesn't actually know anything about firearms but to be fair to Joe, without a teleprompter is doesn't appear as though he knows anything about anything at all.

A fun meme popped up on my radar after the botched abandonment of Afghanistan and I think it is worth seeing.


more than 100,000 actual assault rifles have been put into the hands of people that almost certainly WOULD use them against Americans if given the chance. Biden however is far more concerned about taking away a far less powerful version of an actual assault rifle from law abiding Americans like myself! Again though, I don't think that Joe actually has a stance on this or anything else for that matter, he is just reading what his handlers put on the screen and practiced with him before he goes out and does scripted "interviews" or walks away from podiums without answering any questions at all.

By the way I do realize that "assault rifle" is not a real term, it is just something that was made up by liberals but if you want to see what a truly dangerous long gun is, they're the kind of ones the military left behind for free to our enemies. The kind that can fire full auto, 3-round burst, or semi-automatic at will. So well done Biden! You once again have resulted in a massive sale of weaponry. Now maybe get back to "giving away" all those vaccines that will end up in our taxes later.

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