Two kind Hungarian words from France (2022.12.27)

As a Hungarian, it is a real delight for me to hear kind Hungarian words from foreign people. Today evening I made a two-way radioamateur contact with a French radioamateur (F4ESO Fred) from France on 7145 kHz.

At the end of our QSO (contact), he said "szia" and "köszönöm". We also wished happy new year to each other.

"Szia" is a type of greeting in Hungarian. It can mean "hi/hello" and "goodbye" in English, depending on the context. "Köszönöm" means "thank you" in English.

The propagation on 40 meters was not really good today evening. I heard him properly (around S8 and S9), but he barely heard me. This is why he gave me a 33 signal report. The band noise was/is also higher than usual today evening (it was around S4, instead of around S2).

I am happy that the contact was still successful. I received a confirmation in my logbook too.

My transceiver: Yaesu FT-450D.
Transmitting power: 100 Watts.
My current antenna is a 30 meters long wire antenna, four or five meters above the ground in the garden.

My current QTH (the location of my radioamateur station) is Tiszasüly (KN07EJ), Hungary. F4ESO Fred is located in Ham Sous Varsberg (JN39HE), France. The distance is 1035 km.

I am a licensed radioamateur since 2012.01.16 (my callsign is HA5KZO), so I am transmitting legally.

Happy New Year.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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