IYC Community Contest #6 - "Contests Reloaded"


Introduce Your City Community Contest #6 will be different from the previous contests:

For JUNE, we'd like to revisit our previous contest themes!

Why? Because we keep hearing: "Oh, I missed this wonderful contest!" - So, here's your second chance!


1 - Seating Accommodations
2 - Sports
3 - Festive Decoration
4 - Symbols of Peace
5 - Books in your City

Choose one of them and tell us something about this topic within your hometown. Your world through your eyes with your words.

To get some more informations and ideas on the topic you're interested, scroll back the Community timeline, look at all those great entries we already had or read the original contests posts, wich include a lot of suggestions:

Introduce Your City Community (IYC) Contest #1 - Seating Accommodations

Introduce Your City Community (IYC) Contest #2 - Sports

IYC Community Contest #3 - Christmas (and other religious holidays)

IYC Community Contest #4 - PEACE

IYC Community Contest #5 - BOOKS


🏆🏆🏆 PRIZES 🏆🏆🏆

From each of the 5 categories we will chose ONE single winner,
so we will have 5 winners, each receiving:

1 HIVE and 100 Ecency Points

If anyone wants to sponsor additional prizes, please just let us know


Rules for a valid Entry

  • Post your article IN the Introduce Your City Community
  • Mention IYC Contest and the Country you live in the TITLE of your post!!! (Example: "IYC Contest 6 ..... your text ..... Country" )
  • Start your post by telling us wich of th 5 topics you choose.
  • Important: Post the link to your post and one photo in the comment section of this post here, to let us know this is your entry.
  • Your posts should be in English or bilingual with English as one of the languages
  • If you have more than one idea for a post to the monthly topic, this is okay, but in this case let us know at the end of the month, wich post is your entry post! Because only one contest entry per person is possible.
  • All pictures and texts have to be your own
  • NEW: mention at least one hive friend in your post and invite him to join the Community and Contest
  • Not obligatory but, we would be happy, if you reblog this article to get the word out.


To help the community with curation we appreciate any HP delegation, no matter how small, to the IYC Community Account: @hive-137094
(please note the account "iyc" exists, but has nothing to do with the Introduce Your City community)

Contest photos used in this articles picture are by @beeber and @freedomprepper, except grafic contest PEACE out from canva free version

And now? After all these rules and requirements ;-) Have fun and go to chase the topics in your city! Show us where you live.

Read the RULES?!
Ok, so you have time form NOW on until Thursday, June 30 2022 to submit your entry!

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