Introduce Your City Community (IYC) Contest #2 - Sports


Introduce Your City Community (IYC) Contest #2 - Sports

Hello fellow Hive citizens,

This is the second edition of our **Introduce Your City (IYC)** contest. The first contest was well received and we try to give you another broad and easy topic in our second competition. This way, we ensure, that everyone can be a part of our community, even small-town residents.

We are still overwhelmed with the extent of your participation last time and hope for a similar outcome this time.

Without further ado. The topic of this week's contest.


Topic Of The Week



Like last time, you can pick any aspect of this subject with the caveat, that it has something to do with where you live or lived.

Are you in a sports club or live near a football field, where people are playing regularly (as a community focal point maybe). Or you have a small home gym to keep you fit. The possibilities for articles are endless and we'd like to read all your ideas.


Go out and enjoy your city, town or village, snap a few photos and tell us your story.

Our goal with these contests and overall with the Introduce Your City (IYC) community is to connect our towns and regions and to forge a bond between Hive-Users. Article by article, we'll accomplish this goal together.

Rules Of Competition

  • Post your article in the Introduce Your City Community / The community is listed as hive-137094.
  • The title should indicate, that the article is an entry to the current contest.
  • Place a comment with the link to your entry in the comment section of this post (and add a picture, if you like).
  • Your posts should be in English or bilingual with English as one of the languages.
  • We don't want to impose massive rules for you. This should be a fun and easy task, but it would be nice, if you can write a few words together with your photos.
  • Please be fair and only post one article per person.
  • It goes without saying, that all pictures and texts have to be your own.
  • Payout of this post is the end of the contest.

In addition to the rules, we would be happy, if you:

  • Invite a friend to join the contest and mention him.
  • Reblog this article to get the word out.
  • Engagement with other participants is highly encouraged.
As always, we wish you not only joy on your adventure, but finding new places or gaining a different perspective, while walking through your towns and cities.


We choose three winners out of all valid entries. All three will get **1 Hive and 100 ecency points** from our favourite Hive frontend @ecency.

Beyond our contests, we welcome every interesting article about your cities.
We really are looking forward to hearing many stories an seeing different places around the world from you.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve our common experience, feel free to tell us about it.

Good luck and have fun 😀.
Your IYC-Team @freedomprepper and @beeber.


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