#2 IYC Contest Winners (Sports)

#2 IYC Contest Winners (Sports)


Hello dear IYC Community,

the second edition of our contest was filled with great entries. We had very personal accounts alongside intriguing pictures of your
cities' sports facilities and interesting backstories to them.

All valid entries were extraordinary immersive. We were there with you through your words and the photos. But we had to choose 3 winners
and it was really hard.
But in the end, we think, we made the right decision.

The Top3 will each receive 1 Hive and 100 ecency points.


🏆 TOP3 🏆

The three top entries in no particular order.

@hlezama -> Contest-Entry

@nelinoeva -> Contest-Entry

@tatdt -> Contest-Entry

Honorable Mentions

As it is still early on in our journey together, we want to reward all valid entries with 50 ecency points, as we think the @ecency frontend
and its incentive points-system is worth supporting and spreading the love will help ecency and our IYC community grow together.

@golddiggernrw and @otuyanancy both reveice 50 ecency points for their wonderful articles.

Last but not least, all participants receive 500 of the topic-related SPORTS token. We should have asked the sportstalk community for
collaboration, but it is still early on and part of the growing pains is to only see opportunities after they presented themselves.
But we'll have so many more contests and there will be a chance of sports related content as well in the future.


This week, we had a few very good entries, that didn't qualify. They simply didn't follow the few rules and that is a pity, because they were pretty good as well.
We want to reiterate the rules, to make sure, all of your hard work constructing well-thought-out articles doesn't go to waste.

  • Cross-posting from another community is a no-go. Articles from other communities which you think, also fit in our communities are very welcome, but not as a contest entry. That has to be posted directly into the Introduce Your City Community.
  • Please leave a short comment in the current Contest Announcement Post with your entry as a link, so we can find it more easily.

Thank you for understanding. There are not many rules, but the few we have are important to us.

We want to thank all authors who participated again and want to invite all of you to look out for the third edition next week.

Congratulations Hive-Citizens and until next time.
Your Introduce Your City Community-team.


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