Official #silvergoldstackers Membership Post - 11th October 2021

Hello Silver Gold Stackers of Hive!

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Let's get right to the IMPORTANT stuff...



Las Vegas Strip 2010. Photo cred: @dfinney

Time to dust off those passports and frequent flier memberships because the silver gold stacking crew in meeting in VEGAS in March 2022.

Check out THIS post by @summertooth. Yes, the instigator of the weekly SGS voice chat is rallying the troops for a weekend away in Vegas. The gathering will overlap with the Vegas National Coin Show (March 4-6, 2022). So far I know myself, @summertooth and @thedamus have booked rooms and travel, but plenty of others have expressed interest in attending. If you have the means, the time and the ability to get to Las Vegas we would love to see you.

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This week we are adding one new member to the Silver Gold Stackers Community.

Please welcome @lefty619! Lefty hails from Yorkshire, England and has been sharing some lovely coins the past few months. Through a quick scan of his actifit posts, I also discovered Lefty has TWO cute dogs.

Hi puppies!


Photo cred: @lefty619

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our newest member!

Becoming a Member

Roadmap Hive.jpg

  1. Post about and be interested in collecting precious metals (silver/gold).
  2. Comment on pm posts made by other Hive users
  3. Find current members via our tags ( #silvergoldstackers for precious metals posts or #ssglife for non metals related member posts), our community page and our discord. Get to know us and we will get to know you.
  4. Get nominated to the community by a current member. ( @vgholdingsllc posts a membership nomination post most weeks. This is the post where we nominate and second new stackers into the community.)
  5. Receive a second from another community member.
  6. Membership nominations are reviewed and either approved or denied by the community mods. (Current mods are @dfinney and @raybrockman.)
  7. Reap the rewards of community support and friendship.

PS - If you were once a member and do not see your name on our member list, you were likely taken off of the rolls due to lack of posts or comments in 6 or MORE months. If you have returned, please let us know. We are happy to have you back.


The official SGS member list is maintained on this @myprecious account by me (@dfinney). This account was created by our group witness @guiltyparties.

Community Support

If you have questions about precious metals or just want to shoot the breeze, please join us on our Discord

On the blockchain, the Silver Gold Stackers community provides support to DELEGATING MEMBERS (who post about precious metals using the tag #silvergoldstackers) through the @ssg-community account. This account is run on both Hive and Steem. If you have questions about delegating, subscriptions via liquid hive or steem or have "missed a vote", please reach out directly to @buggedout (Hive) or @welshstacker (Steem) on discord. Again @ssg-community is available to support only the delegating members of #silvergoldstackers.

The @myprecious account supports all members without a delegation or tag requirement.

Take care and hope to see many of you in Las Vegas!



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