PIMP Silver for The Stack / Reblog lottery

When I first joined Hive a couple of months back, I noticed fellow #silvergoldstackers members posting their PIMP poured silver pieces. I had no clue what #PIMP stood for, so off down a rabbit hole I went. Now I can confidently say I'm all about that Paper In My Pocket! I knew I had to have one of the PIMP silver pours, so I hit up the Master Pourer and PIMP Silver Vault Keeper himself (@silverd510) to see if he had any pieces left. As fortune would have it, he did!

The maelstrom of packages flooding the USPS system before Christmas wasn't enough to derail the delivery. The UPS store failing to scan in the package caused some momentary confusion, but silverd510 was an absolute gentleman and patient while he helped me trace the package and figure out what happened.

When I opened it up, I found a fancy bag inside! What a classy guy!

I opened it up, and there it was! A glorious silver hex PIMP pour!

This has become my new fondle piece around the house. For when I'm out and about I have another piece I wouldn't be devastated to lose. This will be a piece I never sell, and will eventually be handed down to my kids.

Keep on stacking that silver and keep on being a PIMP!

Each month, I give away a $1 Goldback or 4 HBD. The winner gets to choose.
Note: Some countries may have prohibitively expensive shipping or delivery, which may not be feasible. I reserve the right to award the winner 4 HBD instead of a Goldback at my discretion.

Not sure what a goldback is? Click here to find out more about them.

How The Reblog Lottery Works

  1. Follow me. (If you're not a follower, you won't be entered into the drawing)
  2. Look for "Reblog lottery" in any of my post titles.
    Make sure it's for the current contest month, and is 6 days old or less, and click "Reblog".
    (Reblogging an older post will not get you an entry)
  3. An upvote is appreciated but not required, and does not give you additional entries.
  4. You'll get one entry for each qualifying article you reblog this way.
  5. At the end of the month I'll enter your name into the drawing and pick a winner at random.
    Note: Bots are not eligible to win
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